Ordinary people have a ‘wall view’, celebrities have a ‘1st row’… Controversy over fairness in Bruno Mars performances

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Controversy erupted over the performance of singer Bruno Mars in Korea hosted by Hyundai Card last weekend. Some spectators sat in the seats where they couldn’t see the stage because it was ‘picking stars in the sky’ to get tickets, but the celebrities were said to have watched the performance from the front seats.

Reporter Jeong Won-seok found out what happened.


The problem was the G section in front of the most expensive stage.

Sightings have been reported that there are many famous celebrities here.

As a result, suspicions arose that celebrities did not easily find seats that were difficult to obtain so that they were sold out at the same time as reservations started.

In particular, it is a regular seat, not a limited view, but the controversy토토사이트 about equity grew even bigger when there were reviews from the audience who said that they were not able to see the performance because it was covered by the wall.

Hyundai Card explained, “We apologized and refunded seats with poor visibility,” but “we have never given preferential treatment to celebrities.”

According to Hyundai Card, members with the highest level of credit card will receive a concert invitation, and those with the next level will receive preferential advance tickets.

Artists and event organizers, who are parties to the performance, each receive a small invitation and priority ticket.

If the celebrities who saw the performance in good seats did not book tickets directly, it is highly likely that they were Hyundai Card VIP members, or obtained tickets through Bruno Mars or a performance agency.

Citizens’ opinions are divided.

[Ryu Seong-jun/Sadang-dong, Seoul: Ordinary people do it through fierce competition, but I think it would be unreasonable if only some people were given such a special opportunity first.] [Seo Ji-won/Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: Other celebrities who invite concerts with invitation

tickets I didn’t really think that it was so unfair because there were.]

Hyundai Card CEO Tae-Young Jeong, vice chairman, posted on social media, “I will pay more attention.”


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