“Opening the rice cooker in the car” after riding a racing car

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In a racing competition where speed is the key, the vehicle’s tires are important.

So, the recent Hankook Tire factory fire was fatal토토사이트

He said he had to change his tires ahead of the 300 km/h super race. 

Reporter Kwon Sol covered the story. 

Cars run like lightning with engine sounds that shake the world. 

The 300 km/h super race starts this month.

What is the attraction of racing?

[Oh Han-sol / CJ Logistics Driver]
“It’s a great addiction? We enjoy the feeling of great excitement and fear.”

I rode it myself to see how fast it was.

“(Do I have to hold it? What will happen if I don’t hold it?) It shakes a lot.”

It’s not easy to keep your body at great speed.

[Oh Han-sol / CJ Logistics driver]
“(Did you kill yourself?) (usually) 50%.”

Physical strength is essential for a 0.1 second death struggle in a shaking car.

[Jeong Eui-cheol / Bolgas Motorsport Driver]
“I do circuit training with low weight repetitions. I train my neck with a helmet.”

This is a vehicle that came in after driving. Hot heat is rising from the wheels like steam coming out of a rice cooker, and the indoor temperature in midsummer rises to 70 degrees.

A non-reusable tire costs millions of won just to replace it once.

As crucial to the overall game of the race, the Hankook Tire factory fire that occurred last month became a tough challenge.

[Park Hyo-seop / Director of Bolgas Motorsport]
“Tires account for 70% of the lap time in a race car, which is a big change for drivers.”

The fire consumed 210,000 finished products, including racing tires.

Eventually, the winning team of last season, which used Hankook Tire, gave up this competition.

Even if you compete, it is not easy to adapt.

[Jeong Eui-cheol / Racer]
“When (tires) are just spinning and rolling, it feels light and some things are heavy, and it takes time to adapt. In the end, players have to adjust to the tyres.”

The sparkling Super Race, which has overcome new difficulties and endured, will open on the 22nd.

This is Kwon Sol from Channel A News.


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