‘On the rise’ Ahn Se-young, ‘Confidence’ Hwang Sun-woo… golden challenge

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Only 7 days until the competition opens (23rd of this month). The ‘Team Korea’ national team’s progress toward the Hangzhou Asian Games is also accelerating. Athletes in major sports who are about to take on the golden challenge have completed their actual training and have begun their final preparations for the Asian Games.

Korean badminton star Ahn Se-young (Samsung Life Insurance) is one of the busiest players ahead of the Asian Games. In the past three months, he has traveled back and forth between Korea, Japan, China, and Denmark to compete in the World Championships and Open competitions. She has recently won four consecutive tournaments and is ranked No. 1 in the world in the women’s badminton singles, and is on the rise to challenge for the Asian Games.메이저사이트

Ahn Se-young, who met at the Asian Games squad selection ceremony on the 12th, said, “I was the youngest in the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang competitions, but this time it’s refreshing to be able to compete in a good atmosphere.” He added, “I won the China Open (which was a prelude to the Asian Games), but I realized I had a physical problem. “I realized this keenly. In the Asian Games, we have to compete in many games (individual and team events, etc.). I plan to focus more on physical exercise before the competition,” he said emphatically.

Most of the major players developed their practical sense by participating in various competitions until recently. Key players of the national archery team, including Kang Chae-young and Lee Woo-seok, participated in the Archery World Cup Finals, which ended in Hermosillo, Mexico, on the 11th. Among them, Kang Chae-young won the gold medal in the women’s division, and Lee Woo-seok won the silver medal in the men’s division. Tasks ahead of the Asian Games were confirmed at the Asian Championships for table tennis (1 silver medal, 5 bronze medals), and for Taekwondo at the World Grand Prix Final (2 bronze medals).

The swimming and fencing teams, who completed their international competition schedule early last month, continued their last-minute training ahead of the Asian Games at the National Athletes’ Village in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province. Hwang Sun-woo, who is challenging for three gold medals including the 100 and 200m freestyle and the 800m relay at this competition, said, “(Not only me) Korean freestyle swimming has come a long way. I am working hard to keep up with Fan Zhanle (China), who has good records in individual events as well. “I think I will be able to concentrate well,” he said, expressing his expectations.

The Korean athletes will dispatch the largest ever delegation of 1,140 athletes and officials from 39 sports to Hangzhou. First, the rowing team entered Hangzhou on the 1st for reasons such as transporting equipment. Next, the men’s soccer and men’s volleyball teams will board a flight to Hangzhou on the afternoon of the 16th, and the modern pentathlon team will board a flight to Hangzhou on the 17th. The main team of athletes, including shooting, tennis, roller sports, and men’s hockey, will leave for Hangzhou on the afternoon of the 20th.


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