Nuri-3 launch tentatively postponed…cause is ‘communication abnormality’

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The South Korean launch vehicle Nuri has been canceled just over three hours before its third launch토토사이트.

The reason for the cancelation was a communication error between the computers that operate the Nuri launch vehicle’s valves.

The Ministry of Science and ICT plans to determine the exact cause and resolve the issue before deciding whether to resume the launch.

Reporter Na Hyun-ho.

Standing vertically toward the sky, Nuriho prepared to soar into space,

Everything was fine until the launch control board confirmed the scheduled launch time at 2 p.m., but around 3 p.m., when the thrusters were being checked, something suddenly went wrong.

An anomaly was detected between the computers on the ground.

The problem occurred in the process of controlling the valve that supplies cryogenic helium.

[Oh Tae-seok / 1st Vice Minister of Science and ICT: A communication abnormality occurred between the launch control computer and the computer controlling the launch pad facilities].

The good news is that the problem wasn’t with the launch vehicle itself.

When we manually operated the launch vehicle after the communication error occurred, we found that it moved, so it was not a defect in the vehicle.

This is a different situation from the last launch, when a sensor on the oxidizer tank inside the launch vehicle caused a problem and the upright vehicle had to be brought back down.

[Jung Jae-hwan / Head of Korea Aerospace Research Institute’s Korean Launch Vehicle Advanced Development Project: We checked whether the valve works when we manually operate it, but seeing that the valve is working now, we are now judging that it is not a hardware problem of the valve itself, but something else].

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Aerospace Exploration Agency plan to identify the exact cause and fix the problem, and then re-announce the launch schedule after a comprehensive review of the situation.


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