“Not even a mother”… Birthmother who appeared after 54 years to collect son’s death insurance

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“Can you say that the person who left her children when she was a baby and remarried and never contacted her after 54 years of remarriage after her child died and showed up after 54 years to collect compensation is a mother?

” These are the words of Kim Jong-an’s older sister, Kim Jong-seon (61)토토사이트.

At a press conference held at the Communication Hall of the National Assembly on the 14th, Kim Jong-sun appealed for the National Assembly to quickly pass the so-called ‘Goo Hara Act’, which prohibits parents from inheriting property if they do not fulfill their parenting duties.

He said, “Her birth mother never came to visit us 3 siblings after her brother left around the age of 2 and never cooked a bowl of warm rice. She never even called him her mother.”

“Her birth mother contacted her through the police station when her brother died in a car accident at the age of 41 in 1999, but he did not come back. If she really thought she was her own child, she wouldn’t be able to do that. But now, after the death of his youngest brother, he suddenly appears and only has his eyes on a large fortune. Her biological mother returned the 100 million won in cash from her brother’s bank account and the house where her brother lived to her own,” she claimed.

Kim Jong-sun’s younger brother, Kim Jong-an, died at the age of 56 on January 23, 2021 after encountering a storm while on board the ship Daeyangho No. 127. In his future, about 300 million won in compensation came out, including 250 million won in death insurance and 50 million won in settlement with the shipping company.

The 80-year-old mother, who heard this news through an administrative agency, claimed to take all the compensation according to the inheritance regulations of the current civil law, and filed a lawsuit with Kim Jong-an’s bereaved family, who opposed the inheritance of her property, and won the first trial last year. .

The biological mother appeared on MBC’s ‘True Story Expedition’ in April of last year and said, “I did enough to tell my children. They say there is compensation money for my son, but I have to spend some of it and die.”

At the same time, she said, “Because there is a mother in law, she says that (she gets money) no matter what her mother does. (The law) calls me a mother and (compensation money) they say they will give me everything, but I have to receive it to live on,” he emphasized.

However, at this press conference, Mr. Kim Jong-seon said, “The legal manager of my deceased brother is my spouse in a common-law relationship and my aunt and paternal grandmother who raised our three siblings.” . And if there was only debt to my younger brother, I wonder if he would have come. This biological mother burst into anger, saying, “She is not a mother and she is not a person.

Several cases of the ‘Goo Hara Act’ have been put up in the National Assembly, but due to political disputes between the ruling and opposition parties, they are pending without even being discussed.

Seo Young-gyo, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea who hosted the press conference, presented a related bill in 2021, and the Ministry of Justice also submitted a similar bill to the National Assembly in June of last year.

This amendment to the civil law was filed by Goo Ho-in, brother of the late Goo Hara, a member of the group Kara, and petitioned for legislation to prevent this, saying, “My mother, who abandoned young Goo and ran away from home, wants to receive half of her inheritance after Goo’s death.” called ‘law’.

The bill submitted by Congressman Seo added cases in which parents failed to fulfill their parenting and child-rearing duties as reasons for disqualifying inheritance under the Civil Act, and the Ministry of Justice, under the premise of recognizing the inheritance qualifications of biological parents, has prevented inheritance from returning to biological parents who have not fulfilled their parenting duties. made it possible to sue.


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