NC coach Kang In-kwon, who looked back at the big win the day before, “actively attacking the batters is the key”

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“It was a match that seemed like once a year.”

NC Dinos coach Kang In-kwon reviewed the game the previous day (25th).

Coach Kang looked back at the LG match on the 25th ahead of the home game against the LG Twins in the 2023 professional baseball KBO League to be held at NC Park in Changwon on the 26th.

Director Kang In-kwon, who leads NC. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu
NC won 14-1 against LG on the 25th, thanks to the firepower of the other line, who scored 19 hits and 14 runs, and starter Eric Peddy’s 7 innings and 1 run. In particular, the batting line achieved hits and runs for all starting hitters, which is the 87th in the KBO league and the first record this season.

Manager Kang In-kwon said, “From the beginning of yesterday, it seems that the concentration of the batting line was excellent. I think it was effective to actively attack the ball coming in to catch the count,” he said with a bright smile.

In the game, the NC hitters succeeded in scoring a large number of points by actively attacking the opponent’s starting pitcher Choi Won-tae’s first to second pitches.

Director Kang said, “There was preparation in the batting part. If the count is difficult, Choi Won-tae’s breaking balls are so good that it becomes difficult to win. He explained that there were things to be a little more aggressive about the balls coming in to catch the count.”

When will catcher Kim Hyung-joon, who recently moved up to the first team after recovering from an injury and hit a home run in consecutive hits against SSG Landers in Incheon on the 24th, will be able to start as a starter? Hearing this question, the command tower gave him the clear task of ‘matching the breath with the pitchers’.

Manager Kang In-kwon said, “(Kim Hyung-joon) has never worked closely with the pitchers in the first team. That’s why he keeps trying to match his breath in the bullpen even during games. I’m trying to get them to participate as a starter after they have been achieved to some extent. He said, “I will actively use him depending on his pitching tendency and game situation.”안전놀이터

On this day, left-hander Tanner Tully, who is on the mound as the starting pitcher for NC, is considered to have stable game management and sharp breaking balls as strengths. However, the fastball restraint is evaluated as disappointing.

Coach Kang said, “Tanner is clearly a player with a sense of stability. The quality of the breaking ball is high,” he said. “Throwing a slider to a left-handed hitter is in the form of a sweeper, and that part is the best among pitches. If he manages well, he has the advantage of being able to extend the innings as well.”

At the same time, coach Kang In-kwon said, “I think that (Tanner’s) redemption will go back to his own image as the game goes on. It appears to be an adaptation period. There are some parts that are not restrained at the beginning of the game, but I am checking how to prepare for pitching in the bullpen before the game,” he added.

Meanwhile, NC, along with pitcher Tanner, Son Ah-seop (DH) – Park Min-woo (2nd baseman) – Park Gun-woo (right fielder) – Jason Martin (center fielder) – Kwon Hee-dong (left fielder) – Do Tae-hun (1st baseman) – Seo Ho-cheol (3rd baseman) – The starting lineup consisted of Kim Joo-won (shortstop) and Ahn Joong-yeol (catcher).


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