“My 13-year-old older sister is a hero”… Miracle Survival in the Amazon, Baby Dolphin is Healthy

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Four children who went missing in a plane crash in the Amazon jungle in Colombia토토사이트, South America, were rescued safely on the 9th (local time), 40 days after the accident, and the children’s health was found to be relatively good. Attention is focusing on the survival of the children in the jungle where wild beasts and poisonous snakes haunt, and a story comes out that the 13-year-old eldest sister handled it wisely.

On the 10th, Spain’s EFE and Britain ‘s BBC reported that General Carlos Rincon Arango, a doctor at the Central Military Hospital in Bogotá, Colombia, said, “The children’s condition is not in danger, and it takes 2-3 days to recover.” It will take about a week,” he said. The hospital explains that the children are nutritionally deficient, but show only minor skin damage and insect bites. <BBSI> reported that the children started talking little by little, and the two children started playing.The children rescued are Leslie Mukutui (13), Soleini Mukutui (9), Tien Noriel Ronoke Mukutui (4) and Christine Neriman Ranoke Mukutui (1). The youngest, Mukutui, was in an accident when he was 11 months old, then turned his first birthday in the Amazon jungle.

Earlier, on the 1st of last month, a small plane en route from Araracuara to San Jose del Guaviare in southern Colombia crashed over the Amazon jungle. There were three adults and four children on board, including the pilot. All three adults, including the children’s mother, were found dead at the crash site, but four children were not found. The Colombian government conducted an extensive search operation using helicopters and detection dogs.

It is not known exactly how the children survived the 40 days. However, there is a story that the 13-year-old older sister coped well. The children’s grandmother, Fatima Valencia, told media after the children were rescued that the eldest of the four siblings had taken care of her three younger siblings while her mother was working, which may have helped her survive in the jungle. “The older child packed her younger siblings with cassava and fruit from the bush,” he said. Kids know what to eat (in the jungle),” she said.

The children appear to have found and ate leftover food such as cassava flour in the wreckage of the crashed plane. In addition, the Colombian government dropped survival kits containing daily necessities such as food from the air throughout the search operation, which is believed to have been of great help. Locals believe that learning about the Amazon jungle environment from their parents has also helped the children, who are from the Huitoto tribe, the indigenous people of South America, to survive.On the 10th, Colombian President Gustavo Petro visited the hospital with the children, along with Defense Minister Ivan Velázquez. Minister Velázquez called her older sister Leslie a “hero” and said that “her first child’s courage and knowledge of the jungle allowed them to survive,” the EFP reported.


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