‘Mr. Deokbae, let’s see when everything gets better’ Man City Brawiner contract renewal talks halted, he will meet after recovering from injury

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‘Let’s talk about recovery first’

Manchester City of the English Premier League has temporarily suspended contract renewal negotiations with midfielder Kevin de Bruyne (32), the team’s star and playmaker. Of course, it cannot be said that there has been an abnormality between De Bruyne and the Manchester City team. The Manchester City team is making a realistic decision. Considering that he is currently suffering from a fairly serious hamstring injury, we plan to resume negotiations after the injury is fully healed. It is expected that conditions may vary depending on the state of recovery.스포츠토토

The British media Daily Star reported on the 17th (Korean time) that ‘Man City has postponed negotiations on a contract renewal with De Bruyne, who has only 18 months left.’ De Bruyne is the core force of Manchester City, who is considered the best midfielder in Europe. He has led Manchester City’s midfield for eight years since the summer of 2015 and has won numerous championships. Last year, he led the team to achieve a treble, a glorious record.

De Bruyne’s contract with Manchester City runs until June 2025. In June next year, the last year will remain. Therefore, it is common sense to negotiate a contract renewal at this point and extend it in advance. De Bruyne currently receives a weekly salary of 375,000 pounds (approximately 619 million won), but it is expected to rise significantly after renewing his contract. There is no doubt that De Bruyne will renew his contract with Manchester City. This is because Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola views De Bruyne as a key player in the team that cannot be missed.

However, if the contract renewal is delayed, other competing clubs may rush to sign De Bruyne. So, you have to ‘stamp’ it in advance. However, the Manchester City club halted these negotiations for now. The plan is to wait until De Bruyne’s physical condition is perfect.

De Bruyne appeared as a starter in the opening game of the 2023-2024 season against Burnley held at Turf Moor on the 11th of last month, but collapsed before playing for less than 20 minutes. It was a recurrence of the hamstring injury suffered in the UEFA Champions League final against Inter Milan last season. At that time, he was diagnosed as needing more than 4 months of rehabilitation. I may return early next year. Manchester City wants to check his physical condition at this point. As long as recovery is confirmed, a long-term contract of at least two years is sufficient. Manchester City already signed a two-year extension contract with veteran defender Kyle Walker (36) last week. This means that age does not matter as long as you are in good physical condition. There is a high possibility that De Bruyne will also become like this.


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