Moon overcomes nightmare with home run, “My brothers joked that I was fine–I played brightly thanks to them”

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A critical fielding error led to back-to-back losses. I was worried about a long slump because I hadn’t been hitting well lately, but I got back on track in the next game. LG’s starting third baseman Moon Bo-kyung (23) shared her feelings about getting back on her feet in one day.

Moon started at third base in the sixth spot against KT in Suwon on Sunday and went 2-for-5 with two RBIs, including a two-run home run in his second at-bat. She hit a two-run shot in the top of the third inning to make it a 6-1 game, and a clever bunt single in the top of the ninth.

His defense immediately settled down. He made an exquisite catch on a hard-bound ball and delivered a precise throw. In the 12th inning of the previous day’s game, she made an unfortunate decision to throw to second base instead of first base and failed to get an out, but the next day she calmly played defense.

LG found the form they were looking for in the offense and defeated KT 9-6 to end their five-game losing streak.

After the game, Moon spoke about the moment when she hit a two-run homer off William Kuevers’ changeup in the third inning, saying, “I thought about the timing of the fastball and went to the plate, and the changeup came in. I think I was lucky that it led to a home run.”

LG’s Moon Bo-kyung high-fives after hitting a home run against the Suwon KT on July 27. Photo | LG Twins

The home run was Moon’s first in 46 days since June 11 against Daejeon Hanwha. It was his third home run of the season.

He said, “I didn’t look good yesterday. When I came out on the field today, my brothers joked that I was fine and made me feel better. I was able to go out there and play with a smile on my face,” he said, thanking his teammates. “Most of all, it feels good to end the losing streak. I will do my best to show the fans something better in the future.”카지노

Moon has developed her batting and defense over the past year, establishing herself as a quality third baseman. She even made the Korean National Team for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. Recently, however, both her batting and defense have been on a downward spiral. This was especially true in July.

Nevertheless, Yong Kyung-yup kept Moon in the lineup and hoped that Moon would break out of his slump. “He still has a year to go. Bo-kyung hasn’t played a full season at third base yet. If we move him to first base because he’s not doing well, he’ll keep going back and forth between first and third base. There will be mistakes, but I think she needs to be fully established at third base. We’ll keep waiting for him,” he said.

He added, “Mistakes can happen. (Kim) Ha-seong has made more than 20 mistakes for two years in a row. Bo-Kyung is making a lot of mistakes right now, but that’s how you grow. We’ll give him a chance to stop struggling.”

Moon Sung-joo high-fives his teammates during the game against KT Suwon on July 27. Photo | LG Twins

Normally, a player who commits an error that leads to a team loss is given the next game off. However, Yoon kept Moon in the lineup and pushed on. Moon immediately changed the tone of the game with a home run in the first inning. She’s stepping up to the plate by overcoming adversity.


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