Lee Seong-man, the prosecutor’s office… “There is no fact that the ‘money envelope’ was given or delivered”

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Independent lawmaker Lee Seong-man토토사이트, who appeared at the prosecution in connection with the ‘2021 Democratic Party National Convention money envelope suspicion’, denied the allegations, saying, “There is no fact that money has been given or delivered.”

Rep. Lee arrived at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office at 8:47 am on the same day and read a short one-page statement.

He said, “Journalists and citizens, I will faithfully and confidently participate in the prosecution’s investigation by accurately examining the facts.”

He continued, “I hope that the prosecution’s investigation will not come to a conclusion based on a pre-arranged script. I will sternly confront attempts to condemn unconfirmed facts through public opinion trial by illegally leaking unconfirmed facts and inflating suspicion.” It is also very regrettable that information and content are being leaked in real time.”

When asked by reporters, “Are you in a position not to admit the charges?”, he replied, “I have neither given money nor conveyed the fact.

Regarding the so-called ‘Lee Jeong-geun recording file’, he said, “I can’t verify the authenticity of the recording itself. However, one was around March 30th and the other around May 30th, so a month had passed, but it was like a continuous I think it was done with a lot of intentions when it was grouped together and edited as if it had happened.”

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It is known that the mobile phone recording file of Lee Jung-geun, former vice secretary general of the Democratic Party, which initiated the investigation into the ‘money envelope suspicion’, contained the circumstances in which Lee delivered the money. Congressman Lee argued that it was a ‘political plan’, saying that the transcript edited at the same time as the prosecution’s search and seizure was reported through SNS the day before.

[Seoul=Newsis] Correspondent Kwon Chang-hoe = Independent lawmaker Seong-man Lee, who is suspected of raising funds related to the alleged money envelope of the Democratic Party of Korea, attends the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office in Seocho-gu, Seoul to receive an investigation on the morning of the 19th and greets supporters. 2023.05.19. kch0523 @ newsis.com
The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s Anti-Corruption Investigation Division 2 (Chief Prosecutor Kim Young-chul) investigates Rep. Lee as a suspect on this day. This is the first investigation of an active lawmaker after the prosecution launched a compulsory investigation on the 12th of last month by seizure and search.

Rep. Lee is suspected of being involved in colluding with Kang Rae-gu, a former standing auditor of Korea Water Resources Corporation, to raise 10 million won in political funds ahead of the Democratic National Convention in March 2021, and providing 9 million won to regional headquarters heads.

Rep. Lee originally set the date for the investigation on the 16th, but it is said that it was postponed due to the schedule of the National Assembly standing committee.

Prosecutors are said to have secured a recording of the phone call in which Rep. Lee spoke with former Vice-Chancellor Lee at the end of March 2021 and said, “Can’t I give you money tomorrow? Tomorrow? I’ll be there at 10:00 am.”

Prosecutors are expected to question Rep. Lee on the same day about the specific source of the funds and how they were delivered.


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