“Lee Ki-Young, ‘fatherhood’ note after killing her father”…taxi driver’s daughter’s appeal

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On the afternoon of Jan. 20, an article titled “I am the daughter of a taxi driver who was a victim of the Lee Ki-young murder case” was posted on the Nate edition.

Lee Ki-young, who killed her taxi driver and live-in girlfriend, points to the area where she told prosecutors she buried her body on the afternoon of Jan. 6 in Gongneungcheon, Paju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (Photo: Yonhap)
The author writes, “Yesterday, the first trial of Lee Ki-young ended with a verdict of life imprisonment. My family is not only sad but also angry because we did not think that a murderer who killed two people would be given a sentence other than the death penalty.”

The author also described the situation on December 25, last year, when he reported his father missing.

“My mother felt uneasy and asked me to go to the police station because she felt strange about Lee Ki-young, who pretended to be my father and avoided talking to him on the phone,” he said. “Lee Ki-young lied to my family throughout the entire conversation, saying that he had been in a car accident and there was a fatality and he was cleaning up the mess, so I never thought it would be my father,” he said.

“However, when we arrived at the police station and called the taxi’s license plate number to look up the accident, we were told that there was no record of the accident, and that’s when we first realized that something had gone terribly wrong, and that our hands and feet were shaking and our hearts were plummeting.”

“Eventually, we filed a missing person’s report with a location request and all we could do was wait and hope that he would come back safely,” the author said. “But at noon, the first thing the police told me on my phone was that he had passed away.”

“What should have been a happy Christmas with good food and conversation for a normal family is now a horrible memory for my family,” he said.

The author shared a portion of a KakaoTalk message from Lee Ki-young, who pretended to be his father.

“This is a picture of her downloading the TOSS app on my father’s phone and transferring the existing balance to her bank account right after he was killed,” he wrote, adding, “She is a typical psychopath who kills other people’s fathers and makes fun of them by writing ‘fatherhood’ on the transfer.”

“I filed the petition because I couldn’t understand the outcome of the trial토토사이트,” the writer wrote, reading in part

“In the first trial, the court cited the defendant’s admission of guilt and the fact that he made a donation as mitigating factors. The bereaved family has consistently made it clear that they reject the donation and the settlement. We do not understand how a reparation that was not received by the victim can be a favorable factor in the accused’s sentence. We understand that the reparation will be returned to the victim because we rejected the settlement, so we do not know who this formal reparation system is for.”

“If the victim is unable to forgive the offender for the crime, he has every right to reject his apology, and a forced apology from someone who has committed an unforgivable crime is tantamount to an assault on the victim. It is also hard to believe that the accused, who committed the crime for financial reasons, made the deposit with purely remorseful intentions. I heard that the defendant did not submit a single statement of remorse for about five months after being detained. I wonder if you really believe that such a defendant is remorseful.”

The author also wrote, “We are accepting public petitions. It recommends the reinstatement and implementation of the death penalty or alternative legislation. It would be a great help to us if you could comment on the petition when it becomes a public petition after it is processed.” He emphasized, “I sincerely hope that the legal system will be improved this time so that murderers like Lee Ki-young can no longer appear in society.”

Earlier, on March 19, the Uijeongbu District Court’s Goyangji-won Criminal Division 1 (Chief Judge Choi Jong-won) sentenced Lee to life imprisonment and ordered her to wear a location-tracking electronic device (electronic anklet) for 30 years on charges of robbery murder and retaliatory murder under the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Certain Crimes.

“The crime was planned in advance, including sending messages to the victim’s acquaintances as if the victim were still alive, and the method of killing was extremely brutal,” the court noted.

“The accused thoroughly planned the murders and subsequent crimes and then casually carried them out,” the court said, adding that “after disposing of the bodies of the victims, the accused showed an extremely cruel attitude to the inquest, using the victims’ money to fulfill his financial desires and continuing his daily life without any remorse.”

“The crimes were so heinous that, had the law permitted, the Trial Chamber would have considered isolating the Accused from society by opting for life imprisonment without parole,” the Trial Chamber added, “and we reiterate that the Trial Chamber is fully concerned and aware of the unimaginable suffering of the bereaved families.”

However, the death sentence sought by the prosecution is only granted in exceptional circumstances, he said, explaining that in Lee’s case, the death penalty was not clearly justified.

After the sentencing, Lee, who hadn’t written a single reflection beforehand, said nothing as she hung her head in mournful silence.

Lee killed a woman he lived with in August last year and a taxi driver in December.

He lured the victim, a taxi driver, to his home after a drunk driving accident and beat him to death with a blunt object before hiding his body in a closet, where he was caught by his girlfriend at the time.

During the course of the police investigation, it was discovered that he had also murdered a woman he used to live with, dumped her body in a nearby river, and used the victim’s credit card to rack up more than 8 million won.


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