Lee Jae-myung “Japan’s ‘It’s okay to eat contaminated water’ nonsense feast… There is no reason for the president to agree”

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On the 20th, Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung said토토사이트, “The Japanese government is a waste of money, so whether neighboring countries suffer damage or not, whether or not the world’s oceans are polluted, it will be all right if you throw away (contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant), but the Korean president and government will agree.” There is no reason,” he criticized.

On this day, Representative Lee made this remark at the ‘National Day of Action to Stop the Marine Dumping of Radioactive Water’ held in front of the Seoul Press Center by the ‘Joint Action to Stop the Marine Dumping of Radioactive Water in Japan’, a group of civil society groups.

Representative Lee said, “It is not right to invite people to party with nonsense saying that it is ‘treated water’ rather than ‘contaminated water’, that there is no need to take samples, or that it is okay to drink (contaminated water) as drinking water.” It is to abandon the responsibility of the president and the government to keep the safety and security.”

“No matter what anyone says, even if experts say that it is okay to drink 10 liters every day instead of 1 liter, what is certain is that the Japanese government itself thinks it is a useless and dangerous substance and throws (contaminated water) into the sea.” did.

The government explained in a briefing the previous day that the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety had already received and secured samples of contaminated water from nuclear power plants and seawater from Fukushima last year.

On the other hand, the power of the people criticized the leadership of the Democratic Party for attending a rally held in downtown Seoul to condemn the release of contaminated water in Fukushima, Japan, and issuing a general mobilization order to party members nationwide, calling it “anti-Japanese agitation for bulletproof use.”

In a commentary, Spokesman Kim Min-soo said, “What is the reason why the super-large opposition party, which is running rampant in legislation, went out of the hall instead of performing legislative activities ? ” 7 major countries) would want to shake the diplomatic schedule,” he criticized.

Spokesman Kim said, “Shouldn’t we crack down on the family that is rotting and collapsing surrounded by all sorts of criminal suspicions?”


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