Lee Jae-myung “Isn’t the meeting of the ruling party representative with the Japanese ambassador a gift of contaminated water?”

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Regarding the Fukushima contaminated water, Lee Jae-myung토토사이트, the representative of the Democratic Party, said, “There is criticism that the reason the ruling party representative met with the Japanese ambassador last week was to gift the contaminated water to the people.”

Representative Lee pointed out at the party’s Supreme Council meeting on the morning of the 12th, saying, “Only the Yoon Seok-yeol government is actually accepting the discharge of polluted water in silence, so it is an amazing polluted water alliance.”

Representative Lee has been criticized by the ruling party for saying that Chinese Ambassador to Korea Xing Haiming, who had dinner together on the 8th, poured out critical remarks against the government, calling it a “history of diplomatic disaster.”

He continued, “It’s already been a month since the Fukushima nuclear power plant inspection team entered Korea, but even the results of the inspection team are in the dark.”


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