‘Lee Jae-do 27 points’ LG, KT subdued… Regular League come-from-behind championship ‘thin hope’ (comprehensive)

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Changwon LG, which ranked second in professional basketball, beat Suwon KT and continued its hopes of winning the regular league.

LG beat KT 85-80 in the 2022-23 SKT Adot Pro Basketball regular league game held at Suwon KT Arena on the 25th.

With a record of 35 wins and 17 losses토토사이트, LG chased the lead Anyang KGC (36 wins and 16 losses) by one game. KGC, which has the magic number 1 left to win the regular league, is in an absolute advantage, but if KGC loses and LG wins in the remaining two games, the rankings of the two teams will be reversed.

However, if KGC wins the home game against Wonju DB on the 26th, regardless of the results of the remaining games, the team will celebrate the 2nd regular league victory.

On this day, LG could not let go of the tension until the end against KT’s fierce resistance.

LG took a 7-point lead with Lee Jae-do, who scored 10 points in the first quarter, but was caught up to 23-21 by KT’s counterattack, including Lee Doo-won’s buzzer beater.

LG, which had been slowing down, allowed a turnaround by 31-32 in the middle of the 2nd quarter, but after that, they gained the upper hand in the fight under the goal and began to widen the distance.

Dante Cunningham scored both free throws to turn the score around 33-32, and Kim Jun-il and Lee Jae-do scored. In addition, Lim Dong-seop and Jung Hee-jae’s 3-point shot passed the rim, ending the first half with a 51-42 lead. Lee Jae-do performed outstandingly in each match, scoring 10 points in the second quarter.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter, Lee Jae-do was responsible for 7 points alone, leading LG to 58-44, a 14-point gap.

However, KT did not back down easily. Yang Hong-seok, Kim Jun-hwan, Lee Doo-won, Lester Prosper, and Jarrod Jones scored and pulled the reins of the chase.

In the final 4th quarter, with about 5 minutes remaining after Jones and Choi Seong-mo’s outer guns exploded, KT narrowed the gap to 73-74, 1 point, with Yang Hong-seok scoring 2 points.

In crisis, LG took a breather as Asem Marey and Jeong Hee-jae scored 2 points each, and Lee Kwan-hee succeeded in a 3-point shot. Later, Lee Kwan-hee’s 3-point shot hit the rim, but Marey scored 2 points with a defensive rebound followed by a bottom-of-the-box shot, and ran away with the score 83-75.

Afterwards, Lee Kwan-hee added 2 more points, and LG blocked KT’s attack well and won by 5 points.

In LG, Lee Jae-do scored 27 points, the most in the team, and Lee Kwan-hee also played an active part with 11 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals, including 2 3-point shots. Marey (12 points) also grabbed 12 rebounds and kept the bottom of the goal firmly.

KT, who was disappointed in the back mind, suffered 5 consecutive losses and became 20-32.

On the other hand, Goyang Carrot won 88-66 in the last match of the season against the lowest placed Seoul Samsung at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

Carrot, who broke the chain of three consecutive losses, became 27-25, and recorded 5-1 in the season against Samsung.

In Carrot, Didric Lawson made a big success with 33 points and 10 rebounds, and Lee Jung-hyun did his part with 19 points and 6 assists. Kim Kang-seon (13 points) and Kim Jin-yong (11 points) also contributed to the attack with double-digit scores.

Samsung, which suffered six consecutive losses, became 13-39.

In the match held at Wonju Sports Complex, Wonju DB beat Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 84-83 with Lee Seon Albano’s dramatic 3-point buzzer beater right before the end.

In a situation where DB was behind 81-83, Albano’s 3-point shot passed through the rim and won a thrilling come-from-behind victory.

DB, who had 5 consecutive wins, became 22-30 and narrowed 6th place Jeonju KCC (23-29) by one game.

On the other hand, Korea Gas Corporation missed the victory that Sam Joseph Belrangel made only one out of four free throws in the last minute. Korea Gas Corporation (17 wins and 35 losses) fell into a 5-game losing streak.


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