Leaving behind times of glory and hardship, Lee Kang-won is lacing up his sneakers again.

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Both his past as KB Insurance’s native ace and last season as a reserve player thirsty for participation gave enlightenment to the current Lee Kang-won. He now leaves the past behind and prepares for a beginning that may be his last.

For Lee Kang-won, the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League was a painful season. They raised expectations by performing well in the cup competition held before the league opened, but due to the performances of Riverman Agamez and Ji-han Kim, they rarely got a chance to play. He played in a total of 3 games and 7 sets, scoring only 9 points. Thinking about his past, when he brilliantly debuted in the V-League as the first pick in the first round of the 2012-2013 V-League Rookie Player Draft and played as the ace of KB Insurance, he couldn’t help but feel shabby.

Ahead of the opening of the 2023-2024 season, Lee Kang-won is working hard to prove his worth once again. Lee Kang-won, who met with at Songnim Gymnasium in Incheon on the 2nd, said, “I poured out a lot during the off-season. Although he is mentally preparing for the end because he is not young anymore, he is doing the best he can as a player. He first shared his current status in the off-season, saying, “I am preparing mainly for the position of apojit, and I am also concentrating on strengthening the basics and teamwork that the coach emphasizes.”

When Lee Kang-won brought up the story about last season, he smiled calmly and bitterly. This is because it was a season in which he did not get a chance, playing in less than 10 games for the first time since his debut. Lee Kang-won said, “Actually, it was very difficult. Players need to play well, but because they can’t, they feel a lot of stress. So after last season, he reflected on himself a lot and received a lot of help from people around him. Originally, the idea was to overcome difficulties on one’s own, but there were limits. So I asked people around me for help, and many people helped me, so I thought, ‘I guess I was a good person.’ “I gained the strength to endure,” he told his honest story.

The ups and downs of last season gave Lee Kang-won a deep understanding. He said, “I felt after the end of last season that I was of a considerable age now. So now I realize more clearly that I need to constantly think about how I can become a better player. So he is taking better care of his body and trying not to miss a single detail. “I feel like I’m filling up the empty spaces inside me,” he said, revealing his recently strengthened mindset.

Last season was not the only past season that enlightened Lee Kang-won. When Lee Kang-won looked back on his splendid past, when he led KB Insurance as a left-right partner with Son Hyeon-jong (now Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), it was full of regret. He said, “When I think about those days, I feel regret, not regret. I regret what would have happened if I had thought about volleyball a little more deeply. At that time, he thought that if he worked hard, everything would be possible. He knew now that wasn’t the case. “You have to work hard but think about it and learn the ropes,” he said, looking back on his days at KB Insurance.

Lee Kang-won continued to talk about things he did not know in the past but now knows. He said, “When he was young, he didn’t even think deeply about taking care of his body. He knows that those things are important now. You should also pay attention to weight management and adjust your sleep time well. Lee Kang-won, who said, “It is important to control yourself psychologically,” said, “I also regret not doing well when I was young. If I go back to that time, I will pay a lot of attention to these aspects. So, I often emphasize to my juniors that they need to take good care of their bodies,” he said with a smile.먹튀검증

Now, Lee Kang-won is preparing for the upcoming new season, putting aside what he learned and felt from the past and leaving the rest behind. He said, “In fact, last season was so difficult that I almost gave up my beliefs as a volleyball player. But I still have strong beliefs as a player. If I get even the slightest chance, I want to show everything with the mindset that it will be my last time. “I want to do my part somehow,” he said, expressing his earnestness and determination. “I am confident that my stamina, strength, and mental strength will not be inferior to the younger players (laughter). “No matter how good my competitors are at volleyball or how young they are, it is important not to lose the mindset that I can win,” he said, showing his continued confidence and fighting spirit.

Lee Kang-won, who revealed his goal for the upcoming season, said, “I want to complete the season while keeping my beliefs as a volleyball player and without giving up on what I need to do,” and added, “I think of the fans who have continued to support me since my debut.” If you do this, you will gain strength. “For the sake of those people, I will never be frustrated,” he said.

Lee Kang-won was not caught up in his glorious days. However, he was not swayed by the difficult times. He is simply lacing up his sneakers once again, using all of his past as valuable foundation. I am looking forward to what kind of story will unfold in the 10th season of Lee Kang-won, who has reorganized himself with a new mindset.


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