Last 2004 draftee’ Iguodala decides to retire

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Andre Iguodala (39), who started the Golden State Warriors (hereafter Golden State) dynasty, has retired.

Iguodala announced his retirement after Golden State suffered a Western Conference Semifinals series-ending loss to the Los Angeles Lakers at the Arena on the 13th.

Iguodala, who signed a one-year contract with토스카지노 Golden State last summer, told teammate Stephen Curry on the Point Forward podcast that he would retire at the end of the 2023 season.

After playing for the Arizona Wildcats, Iguodala was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1st round, 9th pick, in the 2004 NBA Draft. Iguodala, who was last drafted in 2004 when Dwight Howard left the NBA this season, averaged 11.3 points, 4.9 rebounds and 4.3 assists over 19 seasons.

Iguodala, who took over the baton from Allen Iverson in Philadelphia, averaged 15.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1.7 steals over eight seasons. Recognized for these performances, Iguodala was selected as an NBA All-Star in 2012 and was even awarded the All-NBA Defensive Second Team. In addition, he participated in the 2012 London Olympics as a member of the U.S. national team and won a gold medal.

However, Iguodala, who moved the team to Denver Nuggets in a four-way trade including Howard, met Golden State, a team that would change his career in one season.

Iguodala, who joined Golden State with coach Stephen Kerr in the 13-14 season, gave the initiative to attack to Curry and Klay Thompson and focused on defense, achieving the feat of being named the All-NBA Defensive First Team. The following year, Iguodala defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James, to become the NBA Champion. At this time, Iguodala obtained the Big Ear titled Finals MVP for stopping LeBron well.

Iguodala, who reached the Finals six times with Golden State, became a four-season NBA champion and established a Golden State dynasty with Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green. At the same time, he also collects a record of advancing to the finals in the 19-20 season My Mahi Heat, which is called the bubble season.

After several injuries, Iguodala returned to Golden State and played in only 39 games over two seasons, but he took on the role of Miami Heat’s Judonis Haslem as a playing coach and mentor to prospects.

Meanwhile, Iguodala earned more than 185 million dollars (about 248.2 billion won) in NBA salary alone and published a book called ‘The Sixth: A Memoir’ in 2019.


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