‘Korean Zombie MMA’ Hansul Kim suffers disappointing KO loss in non-tournament bout

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It was a hard-fought, hard-fought fight, but a disappointing result토토사이트.

Hansul Kim (32, Korean Zombie MMA) lost a second-round knockout to Nualaji Tairaker (22, China).

Hansul Kim and Nualaji Tairaker fought in a non-tournament welterweight bout at the “Road to UFC Season 2” event on Nov. 27 (KST) at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai in China. Due to the non-tournament nature of the event, it will be decided by a single bout, and it is unclear if the winner will receive a contract.

Once the fight began, Kim calmly pressured his taller, southpaw opponent. Nualazi was unaware of Kim’s left hand counter and boldly pushed forward. Kim was waiting for the right moment to strike. Nualazi actively attacked with techniques such as spinning elbows.

In the second round, Kim exchanged punches and engaged in a fierce standing striking battle. Kim was able to land a one-two, but Nual Ae was stronger. Nualazi dropped Kim with a left elbow. Kim ended the challenge with a second-round TKO loss.



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