Kingmaker Heroes, a nuisance club that produces clichéd matches? “We go all out in every game,” says coach Hong Won-ki.

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In the first half of the year, a team that was once a top-five contender fell to the bottom. In August, they sank to 7-19 with a winning percentage of 2.669. First, center fielder Lee Jung-hoo went down with an injury. They traded their top starter, Choi Won-tae, to the LG Twins. Ace Ahn Woo-jin is also out for the season due to injury. If you play long term, it’s like playing a game without a Chapoma.

The team was labeled a “nuisance team” when they kept collapsing. They were treated as the ugly duckling that produced predictable games.안전놀이터

But these days, the Heroes are a scary team. They swept the second-place KT Wiz in a three-game series last weekend. They have won four straight games since August 21 against SSG Landers. They handed KT, who had been playing their best lately, a two-game sweep.

Following a three-game sweep of the Lotte Giants on Aug. 18-20, the Heroes have had two three-game sweeps in the last two weeks.

Heroes head coach Hong Won-ki said on Friday, “We’re not thinking about a best-of-five series at all. We’re playing with the idea that we’re going to give it our all in every game.”

For other teams, it would be difficult to motivate their players at this point. But the Heroes are a little different. Whenever there’s an opening, it’s a chance for the youngsters to step up. The present can lead to the future.

“Outside, people say we’ve given up on the race for the title, but on the field, we’ve never thought about it,” says Hong. The same goes for the players. We owe it to the fans to do our best. That’s what I asked the players to do.”

The Heroes have injected some tension into the standings battle.


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