Kim Seo-young, who is aiming for gold in the Asian Games for the second consecutive time, “It seems like you have a seasoned beauty”

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 Korean women’s swimmer Kim Seo-young (Gyeongbuk Provincial Office토토사이트) now wants to set a meaningful milestone in the Hangzhou Asian Games, which is about 100 days away.

2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games individual medley 200m gold medalist Kim Seo-young challenges her second consecutive victory.

The last Korean female swimmer to win gold medals at the Asian Games twice in a row was former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Choi Yoon-hee, who won the women’s 100m and 200m backstroke at the 1982 New Delhi Games and won the gold medal in the same event at the 1986 Seoul Games.

After winning the women’s 100m butterfly at the 4th day of the Gwangju National Swimming Championships held at Nambu University Municipal International Swimming Pool in Gwangju on the afternoon of the 13th, Kim Seo-young said, “I will test it before entering speed training in preparation for the World Championships next month and the Asian Games in September.” It was an opportunity. It’s a record that’s not as bad as I thought.”

Kim Seo-yeong hit the touch pad in 58.76 in the game, and she won her second gold medal following the women’s individual medley 200m on the 10th.

Kim Seo-young, who finished all individual events and left only the 400m relay, said, “Base training that requires strength is over. Now, if we do speed training to use strength at the right timing, good records will come out (at the World Championships and Asian Games).” was confident that

She was born in 1994, and Kim Seo-young, 29 years old this year, has become a senior player in the women’s national team.

Perhaps it was because he was conscious of her age, he said, “In a way, the Hangzhou Asian Games may be the last Asian Games, so I will prepare for a game without regret.”

However, when asked if she had specifically set the time of her retirement, she said, “There is no set date when it will be the last time. As she gets older, she plays every year with the thought that this is the last time.” .

Kim Seo-young, whose main event is the women’s individual medley 200m, where she swims 50m each in the order of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, is the Korean record holder in this category.

She won her gold medal at the Asian Games, and her time of 2:08:34 at the 2018 Jakarta Games is a mountain that Kim Seo-young must overcome.

Kim Seo-young, who won the individual medley 200m 200m at this Gwangju event with a time of 2:11:69, advanced her record by 0.20 seconds from 2:11:89 set at the representative selection event in March this year.

Kim Seo-young said, “I think she swims more stably now than during the (March) tryouts. She aims to set a record within 2 minutes and 10 seconds by preparing for speed training step by step.”

Along with this, Kim Seo-young aims to advance to the final for the fourth time in a row at the International Swimming Federation Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships next month.

Kim Seo-young reached the 200m individual medley final three times in a row at the World Championships in Budapest in 2017, Gwangju in 2019, and Budapest in 2022 and placed sixth.

“If she goes to the final four times in a row, it would be a very meaningful result for me,” she added.

Kim Seo-young, who has fewer days left to go through the water than the days she went through the water as a national representative, calmly faces the passing years.

He smiled and said, “(She seems to have become more seasoned than 5 years ago when she played the Asian Games in Jakarta). I think she will be able to play in the game with a relaxed mind.”


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