Kim Nam-guk does what he learned from his seniors

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“I am temporarily leaving my beloved Democratic Party today. We have decided that it is not right to burden the party and its members any longer.” Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who received a lifetime spotlight for a week due to suspicion of coin (virtual currency), eventually chose to withdraw from the party. The reason why this withdrawal is absurd is that the Democratic Party formed its own investigation team to reveal the suspicion of coin. The Democratic Party, which had been silent in the early stages of the incident, formed a party-level investigation team only on May 11 when the situation grew out of control due to Kim Nam-guk’s absurd explanations day after day. Let’s listen to the words of team leader Kim Byeong-ki of the fact-finding team.

“I will investigate the questions raised so far. If you look at the coin account transaction history, you will be able to solve a lot of your doubts. We will move quickly.” According to the article, the investigation team did not do anything. It was reported to the highest level after finding out that Kim Nam-guk received an ‘air drop’ that gave new coins to investors free of charge, that he had at least 4 coin wallets, and that the total holdings far exceeded the previously announced 6 billion won. The reason why the Democratic Party recommended Kim Nam-guk to sell all of his coins must be because of the sense of crisis that the investigation results are serious. Kim Nam-guk also gives a positive answer. “From now on, I will transparently disclose data to the fact-finding team and faithfully conduct the investigation… . Received a recommendation from the party to sell virtual currency. We will faithfully implement our recommendations.”

However, on May 14, when the investigation team’s interim report was scheduled, Kim Nam-guk suddenly withdrew from the party, so it was only natural that the people as well as the Democratic Party would react absurd. However, it would be unfair for Kim Nam-guk to cover all of this by himself. People around him are also to blame for the naive young man who said, “I sleep with a picture of my country by my bedside,” turned into a worn-out politician in just three years.

Of course, it is impossible to blame others for doing the coin itself. Even when he was a lawyer, when his goal was to earn 1 million won a month, Kim Nam-guk played coins. However, when it was revealed through an article in the Chosun Ilbo that he owned a coin worth 6 billion won, his reaction was as follows. “There was absolutely no illegal investment.” Is there no shame for a member of the National Assembly, who should work for the people, to increase his fortune by playing coins? He bears a striking resemblance to his motherland, who was nominated for Attorney General in 2019. At that time, when various suspicions about him erupted, the motherland said to a certain person who was worried about it as follows. “There is nothing that is not legal.” Even this statement later turned out to be a lie, but he should have felt sorry for the fact that the person who claimed to be the embodiment of fairness and justice used all sorts of expedients in the process of educating his children and forming a fortune. However, Cho Kook did not admit his wrongdoing, and even now, after both his wife and himself were convicted, he is holding on saying that he is unfair. It seems natural that Kim Nam-guk, who served such a motherland as an idol, would fight to the death, saying, “I will reveal the truth and call on myself to fight against unfair political attacks to the end.” In addition, there are not only two people who made today’s Kim Nam-guk, but I will give examples of only a few.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong said that the prosecution’s investigation into him was “the current regime’s suppression of the opposition and political retaliation to hide its incompetence and failure.” Kim Nam-guk claimed that his coin suspicion was “I think it was the work of ‘Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon’ in the Yoon Seok-yeol line,” and then came out on a YouTube and said, “In order to cover up all the various situations that the Yoon Seok-yeol government is doing now with this issue, it is intentionally spilled,” he claimed. At this point, it is not a waste of the years of Lee Jae-myung’s performance.

When the money envelope suspicion arose, former CEO Song Young-gil held a press conference in Paris and declared that he would withdraw from the party. “Please redeem me Song Young-gil instead of the people around me.” When reporters questioned him for not submitting his mobile phone because he was not present at the time of the seizure and search, he explained, “I submitted it the day after the seizure and search.” It was a canned phone that had been reset. It was nothing but cooperating with the prosecution after shouting loudly. It was the same with Kim Nam-guk. He asked the Democratic Party to set up a fact-finding team at the party level, but after the investigation team was formed, “they did not submit any key data requested by the investigation team, such as the exchange where the coin was traded, the electronic wallet, the coin item, the current status of coin income and transaction, etc.” Looking at the fact that he left the party immediately after that, it is the same as Song Young-gil, only the order was changed.

Cho Min, the daughter of the motherland, is criticized by public opinion for her irregularities in the entrance exam. TBSI went to Kim Eo-jun’s news factory. In the consideration of Kim Eo-jun, Jo-min said, ‘He did volunteer work and received a citation’ ‘I think it doesn’t matter if he graduates from high school. I just need to take the exam again, and if I can’t become a doctor at 30토토사이트, I think I can do it at 40.” After that, Jo-min betrays his words by continuing to maintain his doctor’s license through a persistent lawsuit even after becoming a high school graduate. When public opinion was unfavorable, Kim Nam-guk also appeared on Kim Eo-jun’s YouTube and made excuses such as ‘the amount of transactions during the standing committee of the National Assembly was several thousand won’ and ‘I had no intention or opportunity to obtain undisclosed information’. Just as Jo Min gained support from the National Guard through his appearance on TV at the time, Kim Nam-guk, who was baptized by Kim Eo-joon, is receiving support and donations from his daughters, so Jo-min is Kim Nam-guk’s teacher.

Let’s talk about the country again. When the situation in the motherland got out of control, the motherland said the following. “Private equity funds of 1 billion won are all donated to public interest corporations in accordance with the procedures set by the law. We will promptly follow the procedures in accordance with the law and the articles of incorporation.” Ungdong Academy, where Cho Kook’s mother is the chairman, also said that his mother would step down from the chairmanship and hand over all authority related to the academy to a public foundation. Of course, this word was not kept, and even the mother of the motherland was reappointed as the chairman in October 2022. What about Kim Nam-guk? He said he would “faithfully implement” the recommendation to sell the coin he received from the party, but as he withdrew from the party, it ceased to exist. Regarding the submission of the transaction details, he said, “I received an answer that it was impossible in the system,” but seeing that the exchange said, “I will submit all the data if only the person agrees,” this was also a blatant lie.

Let’s sort it out. Cho Kook, Lee Jae-myeong, Song Young-gil, and Jo Min are seniors who made today’s Kim Nam-guk. In 2016, Cho Kook wrote an SNS post saying, “I do what I have learned from my father. ” The purport that former President Park Geun-hye’s inability to do politics is because she learned wrongly from former President Park Chung-hee. Let’s apply this word a little. “Kim Nam-guk, do what you learned from your seniors.”


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