Kim Ji-yeon, shocking UFC 5th consecutive victory… Deduction of 2 points due to ’emotional kick + ground knee’ foul

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Fire Fist’ Kim Ji-yeon (33) lowered her head at the deduction of 2 points토토사이트.

On the 14th (Korean time) at the UFC on ABC 4 held at the Charlotte Spectrum Center in the United States, he lost to Mandi Böhm (33, Germany) by a 1-2 decision.

The score was 28-27, 27-28, 27-28 by the three judges at the 1:55 mark of the third round.

He led the game in his favor, but suffered two painful mistakes.

After the 2nd round was over, 1 point was deducted for the foul of pushing Böhm in the chest, and 1 point was deducted for the foul of Böhm who kicked the face while on the ground in the 3rd round, leading to the defeat.

In the end, I couldn’t get out of the losing streak. 5 straight UFC wins so far. I was put in a crisis where I couldn’t guarantee whether I could continue my Octagon activities.

Kim Ji-yeon entered the UFC in 2017 and recorded 3 wins and 6 losses (2 wins – 1 loss – 1 win – 5 losses). His total record is 9 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses.

Emotional response caused anger. He also made a big mistake for not clearly understanding the rules.

Kim Ji-yeon was originally supposed to fight Boehm last February. Both fighters had passed the weigh-in and were about to face off.

However, Boehm showed symptoms of an allergy and gave up three hours before the start of the tournament.

Kim Ji-yeon wanted to hear an explanation of the circumstances and an apology from Bohn. He was exhausted after all the preparations were finished, but he thought he could understand it enough as a professional fighter partner.

But Böhm left for Germany without a word.

Angry at this attitude, Kim Ji-yeon posted on her Instagram that she “don’t run away” when her matchup was re-determined.

Böhm was also angry at this article, and the emotional goal between the two players deepened.

Eventually, the two met by chance at the UFC Performance Institute (PI), a training facility located in Las Vegas, USA, and had a sharp battle of nerves there.

Rumor has it that the atmosphere was so bloody that the PI staff separated the two.

Kim Ji-yeon, who entered the Octagon with bad feelings, made a decisive mistake in the second round. Immediately after the end of the 2nd round, Kim Ji-yeon, who was lying down, pushed Boehm’s chest with the sole of her foot as she tried to get up.

In the middle of the 2nd round, when the referee called for a break and stood up, Kim Ji-yeon judged that Boehm, who was in the guard position, was deliberately trying to trip her ankle with his leg.

So, after the second round, he tried to get revenge by pushing Boehm.

The problem was that the referee judged that the attack was intentional after the round was over. Before the start of the third round, Kim Ji-yeon was deducted 1 point.

Kim Ji-yeon tried to bring the flow to a wrestling fight, not a blow in the third round.

The scene in question also appeared here. Even though Boehm had one hand on the floor, he was kicked in the face.

A ‘ground state’ is defined as having one hand on the ground. It is a foul if kicks and knee kicks are kicked at the opponent’s head while they are on the ground.

It was the second mistake of Kim Ji-yeon, who did not clearly understand the rules.

Böhm claimed that he could not continue the match due to the shock. It seemed to be an act aimed at winning by foul play. The crowd booed.

Instead of Kim Ji-yeon’s disqualification, the referees chose the ‘technical decision’, which was scored based on the content of the match until 1 minute 55 seconds of the 3rd round when the match was stopped.

The three judges scored rounds 2 and 3 both 9-9. In other words, if there were no deductions, it means that Kim Ji-yeon won both rounds 10-9.

Lady Luck smiled at Boehm. Because 2 out of 3 judges saw that they were ahead of the first round. In the end, the final decision was a 2-1 victory.

Kim Ji-yeon showed her disappointment.

He tried to break the losing streak, but found her future unpredictable.

He ended up kicking the victory with a kick knee because he wasn’t sure about emotional kicks and the rules.


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