Kim Hee-jin, who cut the annual salary, remains at IBK Industrial Bank for ‘total 350 million won’

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Kim Hee-jin stayed at IBK Industrial Bank토토사이트.

IBK Industrial Bank announced, “We have signed a contract with Kim Hee-jin for an annual salary of 350 million won (annual salary of 150 million won, an option of 200 million won) as an FA (free agent).” This amount was reduced from the previous year’s annual salary of 600 million won (450 million won in annual salary, 50 million won in options).

Kim Hee-jin is a founding member and franchise player of IBK Industrial Bank. In 12 seasons, he played 331 matches and 1226 sets, scoring a total of 4170 points. He also won the regular league three times, won the championship game three times, and won the KOVO Cup three times.

Kim Hee-jin, who ended the season early due to an injury last season, is focusing on rehabilitation training to return to the court in a healthy body next season.

As his physical condition was not perfect, IBK Industrial Bank decided to sign a contract for one year each. It seems to be in the same context that the options are bigger than the salary.

IBK Industrial Bank said, “By renewing the contract with Kim Hee-jin, who has experienced several championships, we will once again rebuild the team’s reputation as the Kieun dynasty.” It will be a club that does.”


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