Kim Ga-young’s ‘first 6 wins’ challenge, Kim Min-a “I will persistently stand up”

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Gayoung Kim’s first 6 wins, or Minah Kim’s undefeated finals?

Gayoung Kim (Hana Card), a signboard for women’s billiards, will challenge her first 6 wins in the final of the 2023-2024 LPBA Blue One Resort Championship held at Gyeongju Blue One Resort at 9:30 pm on the 18th. Against this토토사이트, Kim Min-ah (NH Nonghyup Card) sets out with the goal of winning 2 wins in her career and a 100% win rate in the finals.

From this season, the prize money for the women’s division has risen from 20 million won last season to 30 million won. It is a prize money that could not have been imagined before the pro was launched. The total prize money for the women’s division also doubled from 50 million won to 93 million won. This is why players show higher concentration.

Kim Ga-young won 3-1 (11:8 11:4 7:11 11:10) against her championship candidate Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) in the semifinals held on the 17th and advanced to the 10th final in her LPBA career.

After beating the first set by 11:8 (9 innings), Kim Ga-young snatched the second set by 11:4 (7 innings) and seized the victory. Kim Ga-young lost 7:11 to Kim Bo-mi’s counterattack in the 3rd set, and was in a crisis, with a 10:10 close match in the 4th set. However, when Kim Bo-mi failed to add one point, she finished by adding one last point. She could not guarantee a ticket to the finals if she had lost four sets, but she was also very decisive.

Kim Ga-young, who reached the final stage in the 10th inning, surpassed Throng Piabi’s record (9 times) and is poised to overtake Lim Jeong-suk (SK Rent-a-car, 5 wins), who is tied for the most wins, to occupy the 6-win highland. Six victories is a record achieved only by Frederic Coudron (Welcome Savings Bank) in the men’s division.

After the quarterfinals, Kim Ga-young said, “I am happy. The opening game is the first tournament where the things prepared in the offseason are laid out. I am looking forward to reaching the final after many twists and turns,” she said.

The contender for the championship is Kim Min-ah, who has excellent stroke stability. He won 3-2 (11:8 9:11 9:11 11:7 9:4) after a full set match with Oh Su-jeong in the semifinals on the 17th, and did not repeat the pain of stopping in the opening semifinals for the past two years. In the opening game of the previous season, Lee Mi-rae (High1 Resort), and in the opening game two years ago, Ga-young Kim were blocked and failed to make it to the finals.

Kim Min-ah is determined to win her second trophy by defeating Kim Ga-young in the final, as she defeated Throng at the Hana Card Championship last year to win the championship. The loss to Kim Ga-young in the quarterfinals of the 2021 opening game must also be avenged.

Kim Min-ah said, “I made the best condition during the off-season. It was a pity that his ankle was caught before the finals of his last two seasons, but he finally reached the finals of the opening game. He will do his best and stick to it tenaciously,” he revealed.


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