‘Kim Dong-sung and Cha Min-gyu’ famous ice skating Dongducheon City Hall, re-establishment ceremony in 4 years

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Dongducheon City Hall, a famous ice skating club토토사이트, re-founded it after 4 years and started vigorously to restore its reputation.

On the 13th, the Dongducheon City Hall ice rink team held a re-creation ceremony at the city hall conference room and announced the start for the reconstruction of the famous family. About 120 people attended, including Dongducheon Mayor Park Hyung-deok, figures from the sports world, and skating instructors from Dongducheon.

It is a re-creation after 4 years. Founded in 2001, the Dongducheon City Hall Ice Team produced 6 gold medalist Kim Dong-seong at the 2002 World Championships, as well as men’s 500m silver medalist Cha Min-gyu in speed skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, but it was disbanded in 2019.

For Dongducheon City Hall, former coach Lee In-sik, who served as the national team’s command tower, will take the baton again. It will start again with four athletes: Cha Min-gyu, who won two consecutive 500m silver medals at last year’s Beijing Olympics, Kim Young-ho, a former national representative, and Kim Yoon-ji, a promising female speed skater who graduated from Dongducheon High School.

Dongducheon City Hall has already won two gold medals, one silver medal, and three bronze medals at the 104th Winter Games held at Taereung International Skating Rink in Seoul last January. In the 2023 Korea Unemployment Skating Federation President’s Cup Speed ​​Skating Competition, he placed second overall.

The opening ceremony, under the banner of rebuilding the prestigious family, started with a performance by the Dongducheon Municipal Choir, followed by commemorative remarks by Mayor Park, Dongducheon Mayor Seung-ho Kim, and congratulatory remarks by Won-seong Lee, Gyeonggi Provincial Sports Complex. Mayor Park, who has achieved fruition by promoting the re-founding of the ice rink, said, “We will create a linkage system from the city to elementary, middle and high schools, universities, and business teams to discover and nurture local elite players, and to leap forward as a representative ice city of Korea with pure local talents both in name and reality. We are preparing for the event, and we hope that the ice team will lead the new leap forward as Korea’s ice mecca.”

The Dongducheon City Hall ice team plans to conduct training with the goal of winning medals by selecting members of its team for the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics.


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