KBS, which received 693.3 billion won in license fees, 19.4 billion won for education broadcasting… EBS “Isolation of decision-making”

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“2022 KBS labor cost 481.2 billion won… average wage of employees 102.9 million won”

Korea Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), which distributes토토사이트 70 won out of 2,500 won in monthly TV license fee from Korea Broadcasting Corporation (KBS ), announced on the 19th , “ TV license fee doctor I was always left out in the decision-making process.” According to Article 49 of the Enforcement Decree of the Broadcasting Act enacted in 2000, KBS has been paying 3/100 of its broadcasting license fee income to EBS , but the distribution ratio is not reasonable.

EBS said in a statement released on the day, “ EBS 

is receiving 3% of the total 

TV license fee, 70 won out 

of 2,500 won per month, or 19.4 billion won annually.” We have continuously requested the establishment of an objective ‘ TV license fee committee (tentative name)’ that reflects our intentions , but it has not been accepted every time, so we have reached today.” According to the ‘2022 Broadcasting Business Property Status’ announced by the Korea Communications Commission on the 13th, KBS earned 693.3 billion won in license fees last year. The license fee that EBS received from KBS was 19.4 billion won, or 2.79% of this. The reason why it is less than 3% as stipulated by the Enforcement Decree of the Broadcasting Act is that the fee for the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), which collects the reception fee on consignment, has been omitted. KBS has always expressed its opposition to the establishment of a license fee calculation committee for proper distribution of license fees. According to the ‘results of collecting opinions from related business operators such as improving the license fee system’ released in 2020 by Rep. Cho Myung-hee, the National Assembly’s over-defense people’s power, KBS said, “The license fee committee can be a rooftop, and KBSThere may be some conflicts with the functions of the board of directors.” The license fee revenue collected by

KBS is on the rise every year. The license fee sales, which began to exceed 600 billion won in the following year from 2014, increased every year, recording 686.3 billion won in 2021 and 693.3 billion won last year. As of 2022, the ratio of subscription fees to 

KBS’s sales is 46.8%. The license fee distributed to 

EBS started at 17 billion won during the same period, 19 billion won in 2021, and 19.4 billion won last year.Meanwhile, according to the ‘2022 Business Year KBS Management Evaluation Results’ released by the 

KBS board of directors on the 31st of last month, KBS , which collected license fees of nearly 700 billion won last year, paid 481.2 billion won, or 31.2% of the total cost (1.5423 trillion won), as labor costs in the same year. appeared to have written The budget for KBS’s labor costs this year is 495.3 billion won, an increase of 14.1 billion won from the previous year, and is expected to account for 32.5% of the total cost of 1,525.4 billion won. The report on the results of this management evaluation included a tally of 100,000,029,000 won per KBS employee last year . It also contains information that 2,230 of the total 4,407 employees, or 50.6%, have an annual salary of over 100 million won. The KBS board of directors said,

Compared to other terrestrial broadcasters, KBS labor costs are evaluated as having a higher cost ratio.”


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