KB Baduk League, where Japan and Taiwan teams were defeated, should China participate?

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The Japanese and Taiwanese teams that participated in the 2022-2023 KB Baduk League evoke many emotions. It is positive that Korea’s baduk league has started internationalization. Go fans also secretly had high expectations. It is regrettable that China expressed its intention to participate, but it was fuzzy, but it made me hope that one day Korea, China, and Japan will all come together within the fence of the Baduk League. If the Korean league and the Chinese league join hands and Japan actively participates in it, Baduk could write a new milestone토토사이트.

However, the performance of the two teams casts an uneasy shadow on the future. The name of the Japanese team is Nihon Kiwon. Current record is 14 out of 14. The name of the Taiwanese team is Treasure Island Elite. The current record is 2 wins and 11 losses.

Having received such a disastrous report card, will Japan really participate in the next season? In Japan, it will be regarded as a gathering of new players and participated as a test, but there will still be fans who are angry at the fact that a team with the name ‘日本棋院’ (Japan Origins) is suffering a total defeat.

There are 8 players of Japanese origin. There is no top class like Iiyama Yuta or Ichiriki Ryo. The team captain is Kotaro Seki (22). He currently holds the title of Cheonwon. The league record is 2 wins and 9 losses. It is a team made up of new talents such as Yuichi Hirose (22), Yuki Sakai (19), and Kotaro Fukuoka (18).

It can be said that I participated with the feeling that I was learning something because I did not go to Korea for the game, but I could play online in Japan. As young knights, they must have had a desire to get into the strongest Korean baduk game. However, it is 14 losses out of 14 matches. Can I overcome this report card and try again?

It is the worst Japanese origin team, but the youngest, 18-year-old Fukuoka Kotaro, is showing off his excellent skills with a record of 5 wins and 4 losses. Among the players he beat, there were strong players like Kang Dong-yoon and Seol Hyun-jun. The team also lost last weekend, but was the only player of Japanese origin to record a point. It is said that his expression during the match was very honest and interesting, so he has quite a few Korean fans. Go TV also broadcasts most of his Go games. A star named Fukuoka Kotaro was born from the collapsed Japanese team.

The report card of the Taiwanese team Treasure Island elite is 2 wins and 11 losses. The claim is Xiao Hong (22). He has won 8 gold medals in Taiwan and is a world-class player who has shown off his formidable skills in world competitions. The league record is 6 wins and 7 losses, which is less than expected.

In addition, there are 8 other members including Wang Yuanjun, the runner-up in the Noodle Mountains, Chen Qirui (23), the emerging powerhouse, and Xu Jing’an (17), the youngest. The Treasure Island Elite is, so to speak, the national team of Taiwan. Compared to that, the grades are a little shabby. In the first game of the Go League, they defeated Celltrion and sounded a warning light, but after that, it collapsed powerlessly.

The system called ‘Ace Match’ also worked against the Japanese and Taiwanese teams. In the Baduk League, if 4 players play and the score is 2-2, the team’s ace will play again for the final match. First of all, it is difficult for Japanese knights to accept emotionally that they play two rounds of Go a day. I didn’t have any aces to show off, so I played three ace matchups and lost all of them. Taiwan won five times, and Xiaohong won once.

Speaking of which, I want to say something about the ace match. Currently, 36 matches have been played in the ace match. 45% of all matches. As the games were played late at night, the so-called two-day games that passed midnight accounted for 22 games, a whopping 61%. It feels like the aces of the team, such as Shin Jin-seo, Park Jeong-hwan, Shin Min-jun, and Byun Sang-il, are being abused. They are the backbone of Korean baduk, but if you overlap with the Chinese league, you will be exhausted. The players are having a hard time, and the fans watching are also having a hard time. Of course, a new study is needed for the ace match.

What will the Japanese and Taiwanese teams do next season? Taiwan desperately wants to play against the strong, so of course they will participate. Japan will hate seeing and hearing 14 losses in 14 matches. I think I will either make a stronger team or set the direction to not participate. But if China participates, the story is different. Chang Hao, 9th dan, who is regarded as a strong candidate as the next director of the Chinese origin, is said to be active in participating. The KB Baduk League also stood at a crossroads.


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