“Jung Yoo-jeong, always hiding behind classroom curtains”…fierce eyes in graduation photos

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Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, who murdered a female classmate and mutilated her body in Busan, did not interact with her friends and was virtually a loner even during her school years, according to her classmates토토사이트.

According to MBN on July 7, Jung Yoo-jeong’s high school classmates described her as a “quiet friend who didn’t get along well. Alumnus A recalled, “She didn’t really talk, went alone, and had no presence in the class.” Alumnus B said, “She had no friends at that time.”

Alumnus B recalled, “She was the kind of friend who didn’t return greetings even when you said hello,” and “she didn’t talk much and didn’t answer well (when you spoke to her).” Although Jung didn’t get along with her peers, she was reportedly never bullied or harassed by them.

Graduation photo of “peer murderer” Jung Yoo-jeong. Screen capture from MBN report

Alumnus C said, “(In the classroom), Jung was always behind the curtain, and when she ate snacks, she ate alone behind the curtain.” Regarding the behavior of hiding behind the curtain, Bae Sang-hoon, a professor of police administration at Woosuk University, told the media, “(Jung Yoo-jeong) is trying to hide herself, which seems to be quite defensive,” adding, “It is likely that she is a reclusive loner with very low self-esteem.”

Jung Yoo Jung’s high school graduation photo was also released. In the yearbook, which was obtained and reported by MBN, the impression of Jung Yoo-jeong is somewhat different when she wears glasses and when she takes them off. The photo with the glasses on looks similar to her new photo, but the photo without the glasses gives the impression that her eyes are sharp and fierce. Jung’s high school classmates said they didn’t recognize her even after her mugshot was released.

Few of her classmates stayed in touch with her after graduation, and she was nowhere to be found on social media where classmates hang out. Her cell phone, which was confiscated by police, reportedly contained few friend contacts.

Jung Yoo-jeong (23), who is suspected of killing a fellow woman and abandoning her body, leaves the Dongnae Police Station in Busan on the morning of the 2nd and is being transferred to the prosecutor’s office. Jung, who had claimed the crime was accidental, said during a police investigation on March 31 that she did it because she wanted to kill. Yonhap News Agency

Meanwhile, Jung’s psychopathy index was 28, higher than that of serial killer Kang Ho-soon (27). Previously, the psychopathy index of major Korean criminals was 38 for serial killer Yoo Young-cheol, 29 for child sex offender Cho Doo-soon, and 25 for “molar dad” Lee Young-hak.

In the case of Jung Jeong-jeong, who confessed to “wanting to kill,” police believe she could have committed a series of murders if she hadn’t been arrested after a taxi driver reported her body.

After searching for a victim through a tutoring app, she made an appointment and went to the victim’s home in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, at around 5:40 p.m. on March 26, killing him with a knife and dumping his body. At the time, she put the body in a suitcase to make it look like she was missing, then traveled by taxi and abandoned it in a forest near the Nakdong River, but was urgently arrested due to a report from a taxi driver who found it strange that she dumped the blood-stained suitcase in the forest.

Jung Yoo-jeong, 23, who committed a murder at the home of a woman in her 20s in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, on March 26, went to her own home, grabbed the suitcase and headed back to the victim’s house. Courtesy of the Busan National Police Agency, screen capture from KBS news report

According to the forensic findings, Jung had searched for “murder,” “murder without a body,” and “murder case” since February of this year, three months before the crime, while preparing for a job such as a civil service exam, and also borrowed crime-related novels from the local library. It is understood that he developed his interest in murder by watching many crime investigation programs through broadcast media and the Internet.

Police plan to submit a final report on the refinery to prosecutors this week.

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