“Jung-jeong tests above normal for psychopathy.

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The results of a psychopath diagnostic test for Jung Yoo-jeong (23-photo)토토사이트, who murdered a young woman she met through a tutoring application (app) and disfigured and abandoned her body, have been found to be beyond the range of normal people.

According to a report by Donga Ilbo on May 5, the Busan National Police Agency recently conducted a psychopath diagnostic test on Jung Yoo-jeong and is analyzing the results. The police will finalize further analysis and submit the results to the prosecution on the 7th at the earliest. A police official said, “Based on the analysis of the diagnostic test so far, it seems that Jung Yoo-jeong does not fall into the category of normal people.”

According to the police, the psychopathy test is a 20-question test with a total of 40 points. South Korea generally considers a person to be a psychopath if they score 25 or more, and the United States 30 or more. The average person reportedly scores around 15 points.

However, the diagnosis of psychopathy is based on a clinical expert’s comprehensive judgment of the subject’s past behavior and growth, psychiatric diagnoses, past criminal behavior, and the results of profiler interviews. The police are comparing and analyzing the results of Jung’s test questions with the test results of suspects in past major murder cases. “A diagnosis of psychopathy will be made after further analysis,” a police official said.

During the investigation, Jung confessed that she “felt the urge to kill while watching a TV crime investigation program,” but the police believed that her motive for the crime was still unclear, so they conducted a psychopathy test to further investigate.

The prosecution plans to prove the exact motive of the crime based on the results of the psychopathy test and then hand it over to the trial. The Busan District Public Prosecutors’ Office has set up a dedicated investigation team consisting of three prosecutors’ offices under the Violent Crimes Division and is reviewing the investigation materials received from the police on the 2nd.

“In the case of psychopaths, unlike ordinary people, it is not uncommon for them to feel the urge to kill while watching TV crime programs,” a prosecutor said, adding, “Whether Jung was a psychopath or not will also affect future investigations.” The prosecution plans to continue the investigation until the 11th, when the detention period ends, and extend the detention period once more if necessary.


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