Jo Myung-woo ‘Crazy’… With fantastic performance, he defeated a Vietnamese player and became the Asian 3-Cushion Champion

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The Vietnamese players in the spectators also applauded generously, and the TV commentators poured out exclamations in succession.

Cho Myung-woo showed a fantastic performance and became the Asian 3-Cushion Champion. The match was predicted early on by Jo Myung-woo’s advantage, and Cho Myung-woo responded to his billiards fans with his insane performance.

Cho Myung-woo (3rd in Korea, Seoul City Hall)토토사이트 won the championship by defeating Vietnam’s powerful Tran Tanluk 50:20 in 16 innings in the men’s 3-cushion final of the ’11th Asian Carom Championships’ held at the Youth Gymnasium in Yanggu, Gangwon-do on the night of the 24th. occupied

With this, Jo Myung-woo showed off his spirit by winning four domestic and international competitions (Dongte Donghae Cup, Sharm El Sheikh 3-Cushion World Cup, National Land Court Cup, Asia Carom Championship) in the last 3 months.

In addition, Jo Myung-woo shook off the regret of the runner-up in the 2019 competition (winner Tran Quet Chiyen), and brought the championship cup to Korea 5 years after the 2018 competition (winner Jae-ho Cho). Bao Phuong Binh (Vietnam) and Thai Hong Chiem (Vietnam) occupied the joint third place.

◆ Myung-Woo Cho, fantastic performance in the finals 50 points in 16 innings… It took exactly 16 innings, 1 hour and 18 minutes for Jo Myung-woo, who had an average of 3.125,

to reach 50 points that day. Jo Myung-woo, who showed good condition in this tournament, peaked with an average of 3.125 in the final.

In the final, the victory slanted to Cho Myung-woo early on. Cho Myung-wu, who had already led by 10 points at 14:4 in the first 5 innings, expanded the score to 24:10 in the 9th inning by accumulating points.

However, Tran Thanh Luk, who defeated Tran Quet Chiyen, the ‘strongest in Vietnam’, in the quarterfinals, has been surprisingly calm and slowly pursued. Tran Thanh Luk chased until 15:24, scoring 5 runs in 10 innings. Immediately, Jo Myung-woo’s high run 7 points broke and the break time was hit at 31:15.

Even in the second half, the air flow did not change. Jo Myung-woo added 4 points in the 11th inning and made 35:15, then scored 40:16 with 5 high runs in the 13th inning.

Jo Myung-woo added 5 points in 14-15 innings, leading 45:20, and finished the game splendidly with a high run of 5 points in the 16th inning.

In the final match of the day, Jo Myung-wu solved the convoluted ball with a powerful push, and in particular, in the 15th inning shot that filled up 45 points, he captivated the audience by succeeding in a fantastic ‘pulling back shot’ that even the TV commentator could not have imagined.

After winning the championship, Cho Myung-woo said, “It seems that the momentum of winning the national competition (Dongteu Donghae Cup) continued.” ”he said.

◆ ‘Seven games average 2 points’ Cho Myung-woo, conquered Asian 3-cushion with ‘flawless’ performance

In this tournament, Cho Myung-woo was perfect from start to finish.

Jo Myung-woo stepped on the top with his tremendous offensive power, recording an average average of 2 points (2.222) in 7 games in this tournament.

Jo Myung-woo, who passed the group stage with 3 wins and an average of 2.143, beat Funaki Kouji (Japan) 50:34 (25 innings) in the round of 16, followed by a 50:34 victory over senior Choi Seong-won (4th, Busan City Sports Association) in the quarterfinals: He defeated them with 24 (21 innings). The opponent in the quarterfinals was ‘Vietnamese rookie’ Taihong Chiem, but Jo Myung-woo easily defeated him 50:20 in 26 innings and headed to the final stage.

Meanwhile, Korea, which has reached the top of the men’s 3-cushion, will continue to compete with Vietnam and Japan in the women’s 3-cushion, U-22 3-cushion, and men’s 1-cushion from the 25th.


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