Jiyeon Kim, 5 consecutive losses in the UFC… Emotional reaction → 2 points deducted for foul play

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UFC flyweight fighter Kim Ji-yeon (33) fell into a swamp of 5 consecutive losses. The 2-point deduction for the foul was decisive. 

On the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), UFC Fight Night: Rosenstruk vs Almeida Undercard held at the Charlotte Spectrum Center in North Carolina, USA, Kim Ji-yeon lost to Mandi Böhm (33, Germany) by technical split decision (27-28, 28- 27, 27-28).  

It was a match that Kim Ji-yeon would have won by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28) if there were no deductions. Kim Ji-yeon took the lead in the content of the pure game, driving her opponent토스카지노 to Groggy with an overhand right hook as soon as she started. In the end, he reacted emotionally to the nerve war that continued before the game, and the fact that he was deducted points led to his defeat.  

Kim Ji-yeon was indignant even before the game, saying that Böhm canceled the game on February 5 due to an allergy problem and did not explain or apologize. In the second round, in a ground-breaking situation, Boehm’s leg was even more infuriating.  

Elevated emotions led to foul play. After the second round, Kim Ji-yeon nervously kicked the abdomen when the bohem, which was in the top position on the ground, fell. The referee judged it to be an intentional foul and declared a 1-point deduction to Kim Ji-yeon. 

At 1 minute and 15 seconds of the third round, Böhm landed a knee kick to the head with one hand on the ground. A ground knee foul was declared. In the MMA unified rule introduced in 2017, a knee kick is judged as a foul when both hands touch the ground, but in North Carolina, where this tournament was held, the MMA unified rule is not introduced and an independent rule is used. 

Böhm appealed that he could not continue the game, saying that he could not see his left eye after the knee kick. In response, the referee stopped the game and once again declared a one-point deduction for Kim Ji-yeon. 

Fortunately, the referee didn’t see it as an intentional foul, so the game went to a decision. If the match is stopped due to an unintentional foul attack after the 3rd round, a technical decision will be made based on the contents of the match so far. 

As a result of the decision, 2 out of 3 judges sided with Boehm, and Kim Ji-yeon lost by split decision. With this, Kim Ji-yeon fell into the mire of her 5th consecutive UFC victory. His career record was 9 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses (UFC 3 wins and 7 losses). 

In the main event, the ‘Brazilian monster’ Xyleton Almeida (31, Brazil) defeated Jairzinho Rosenstruk (35, Suriname) with a rear naked choke at 3:43 in the first round. 

The first takedown was blocked, but on the second attempt, he lightly passed the opponent with a lower tackle aiming for the ankle. Afterwards, Almeida moved to the back position like flowing water and succeeded in a rear naked choke. 

Again, he did not allow a single effective hit. Almeida finished all opponents within two rounds, conceding only two significant strikes in five UFC fights. He said that his performance was reminiscent of former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (34, Russia) who had 29 wins and was undefeated. 

In the post-match interview, Almeida said: “I am very happy that my first main event ended like this. People said that Rosenstruk was the most dangerous fighter in the heavyweight division and would knock me out, but he only knocked me out a few times. Khabib won this way. Thanks to this style, I was in charge of the main event today.”  

As he beat Rosenstruk, the 9th ranked UFC heavyweight, it is highly likely that he will enter the top 10 next week. Almeida’s plan is to beat 6th place Thai Tuivasa (30, Australia) in October and challenge for the title next year. “I want to fight another slugger,” Almeida said. How about Thai Tuivasa? He wants another challenge,” he asked for the next opponent. 


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