‘Jersey-Otani-Cole’ fantasy pairing, how much money would it cost, “NYY owner wouldn’t do it” 美媒

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The biggest name in free agency this winter is arguably Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels.

If the Angels were to acquire Ohtani, they would have a first baseman and a home run hitter at the same time, and teams with “deep pockets” would be all over them. But what about the New York Yankees, the richest team in Major League Baseball?

So far, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are in the same boat as the Angels for free agent Ohtani, seem to be the most likely destination. The Dodgers’ winning record, West Coast location, warm weather, and deep pockets are all factors that could appeal to Ohtani. However, if the Yankees get into the mix, there’s no telling how the game will change.

For starters, it’s unlikely that Ohtani will change teams at this summer’s trade deadline. The Angels are still in playoff contention as of July 27. The Angels are 43-37, good for third place in the AL West and the fifth wild card spot. For the first time in nine years since 2014, they have fall baseball hopes.안전놀이터

“I don’t think I need to explain where we are right now,” Angels general manager Perry Minasian recently said about trading Ohtani, meaning that the Angels are not going to trade him because they are in a playoff race.

This means that Ohtani’s future will be determined in free agency later this year. Not surprisingly, the Yankees are also in the mix.

The American outlet The Athletic took a look at the possibility of Ohtani joining the Yankees today. In conclusion, I’m skeptical.

The Athletic first stated, “The only realistic way for the Yankees to acquire Ohtani is in free agency after this season. They should pursue that with all their might,” and on the positive side, “Adding Ohtani would give the Yankees both a solid starter and a left-handed bat.

Furthermore, Ohtani’s price tag is not unreasonable for the Yankees. “It’s going to take a lot of money to get him, with at least $500 million being talked about,” the outlet said, “but the Yankees could easily make that money back with the global marketing he’d bring. YES Network ratings will skyrocket, and Ohtani merchandise will sell like hotcakes. Ticket sales would be through the roof no matter who the opposing team was.

In other words, the economics of the Ohtani effect would be fully realized, and the team would be able to fund Ohtani’s salary, which is expected to average over $50 million per year.

It all comes down to what Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner thinks. Steinbrenner hasn’t made any direct comments about Ohtani so far. Steinbrenner can spend as much money as he wants. However, he is not the type to buy players without thinking. He’s likely to keep his distance from a deal for Ohtani.

“Signing Ohtani would significantly increase the Yankees’ payroll, and that’s not what Steinbrenner wants,” said The Athletic, “He has repeatedly emphasized that he doesn’t need more than $300 million a year to win a World Series. Signing Ohtani would easily exceed $300 million. Ohtani, Aaron Judge, and Gerrit Cole alone would cost more than $100 million per year. To get to $300 million, you’d have to significantly reduce the salaries of other players, and there aren’t many options.

This is where Steinbrenner’s thoughts would not be positive.

“Of course, no matter how much it costs, Ohtani is worth it,” the source said, “but at this point, it’s unlikely the Yankees will sign him this winter. Unless Steinbrenner is willing to give them a blank check.


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