Jeonnam and Yeosu The Ocean Resort ahead of Anyang’s ‘Destiny to Win Banquet’

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Jeonnam Dragons promised victory at a dinner party before facing FC Anyang.

On the 17th, Jeonnam held a dinner 토스카지노party at the invitation of Yeosu The Ocean Resort (CEO Gwang-Hyun Yoo) and strengthened their determination to win the 14th round of Anyang.

CEO Yoo Kwang-hyun, who prepared the place, said, “All the sports teams that had a dinner party at Yeosu The Ocean Resort had good results. I hope, and I prepared a dinner to strengthen the players’ physical strength and team cohesion.”

Jeonnam captain Hoo Kwon expressed his feelings on behalf of the team, saying, “I sincerely thank you for preparing a good seat for the players. I will do my best to win the remaining games as much as you support and expect.”

Jeonnam will face Anyang in the 14th round of the K-League 2, which will be held at Anyang Sports Complex on the 20th at 6:30 pm.


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