“It’s rewarding to take care of the elderly, earn 30 million won a month”… What is the job of a man in his 30s?

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The story of a man in his 30s who takes care of the elderly for 8 hours토토사이트 a day at a day care center for the elderly and earns 30 million won a month has been told.

On the 19th, an interview with Shin Seung-jun (36), who runs a day care center in Gwangju, was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Exploration Life – The Story of a Life That Makes Money’.

First of all, Mr. Shin said about the day care center, “You can think of it as a kindergarten for the elderly. It is difficult for grandparents to be at home alone, so the government created a kindergarten like this 15 years ago, takes it for half a day (to the center) in the morning, lives, and has fun. I give it to you and then take you back home.”

Shin first applied for this YouTube appearance. Mr. Shin said, “I live comfortably now, but I also grew up very hard while receiving social security as a single parent family.” I applied because I thought that young people would enter this market if I showed that I could make a lot of money while doing this, and that I could make a living,” he explained.

Mr. Shin, who revealed that he had been working at a day care center for eight years, said, “When I first started this job, I was driving and an old lady made a stool mistake in the back seat. I didn’t feel bad. It was just unfortunate. When I thought about it, it seemed like something I could do well.”

“It was not operated on such a large scale from the beginning, but it was operated on a very small scale 7 years ago. After serving about 20 people and operating it for about 6 years, I wanted to expand it, so I raised it with the help of a bank. More than half of it is still in the bank.” confessed and laughed.

It is said that 90% of the elderly at Shin’s day care center suffer from dementia. He said, “Strangely, it seems that Korean society implicitly thinks that if you do good things, you should not make money.”

He added, “But if you think that you can’t even make money even though the labor intensity is hard, it doesn’t seem like it’s worthwhile and socially valuable. I want to show that you can earn a lot of money even if you do good things in society.”

What about the income of Mr. Shin, who feels that this is his calling? He said, “Because it is a government project, we use public funds. Seniors have grades, and usually a lot of seniors from grades 3 to 5 come. The elderly pay about 60,000 won a day,” he said. “Because they come for about 70 minutes a day, there is a profit of about 4.2 million won.

Finally, Mr. Shin said, “I am doing what is necessary for society, and I am proud to think that I am making money while doing something helpful.”


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