“It’s gone” I laughed… ‘Coincidence is fate’ Young-woong Lim and Ssangyong Motor, a delightful herbal medicine

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The perfect combination of ‘Goritabun’.

I laughed. It’s because the obsolete trot program “Who’s Watching” in the K-pop era and the car brand in danger of extinction met with “Who Buys That Company’s Car?” The TV entertainment program ‘Tomorrow is Mr. Trot’ and Ssangyong Motor (now KG Mobility), which

aired from January 2020 . Expectations were miserably shattered. Looking back, it was a ‘God’s move’ that coincidence acted as destiny. This is thanks to Lim Young-woong of Mr. Trot and Rexton, the eldest brother of Ssangyong Motor.

The winner, Lim Young-woong, contributed greatly to Mr. Trot’s big hit. Mr. Trot, who succeeded Mr. Trot Batong, also opened the heyday of the trot program. Ssangyong Motor, which provided the G4

Rexton as the winning product while carrying out cooperative marketing with Mr. Trot, also gained energy to revive thanks to the ‘Lim Young-woong halo effect’. Lim Young-woong and Ssangyong Motors are currently living completely different lives. Lim Young-woong went through a long period of obscurity where he could not even pay the monthly rent, but with Mr. Trot, he became the next generation trot trend, and now he has risen as a versatile ‘King of Singer’ beyond the Trot King. After meeting the wrong owner and going through twists and turns for over 20 years, SsangYong Motor has created a spark of hope with the ‘Lim Young-woong car’ Rexton, and is finally smiling after finding a new owner.

Looking at Lim Young-woong and Ssangyong Motors, a famous line from the movie ‘My Sassy Girl’ comes to mind: “Coincidence is a bridge that fate gives to those who work hard.”

The first meeting with her is a real coincidence. The relationship began when Lim Young-woong became Mr. Trot’s ‘Jin’. Since April 2020, SsangYong Motors has selected Lim Young-woong as the G4 Rexton White Edition model and the main character of the 1st car.

On May 18 of the same year, Lim Young-woong released his vehicle ‘unboxing’ with excitement on his official YouTube. The unboxing content of stroking and cherishing the ‘first car’ G4 Rexton with a thrilled expression has been viewed more than 2 million times. The Rexton, which almost lost its presence due to the outstanding SUVs

of Hyundai and Kia, such as the Santa Fe, Sorento, Palisade, and Mojave, has also been revived. Lim Young-woong’s first car advertisement posted on Ssangyong Motor’s official YouTube channel was viewed 3.6 토토사이트million times. It wasn’t just the views that exploded. Sales of the G4 Rexton , which had virtually lost its presence due to Hyundai Motor and Kia, also increased by 53% from the previous month.

Impressed by the halo effect of Yeong-woong Lim, Ssangyong Motors connects coincidences to destiny. ‘Bridge’ is the all-new Rexton, the successor to the G4 Rexton.

Five months later, Ssangyong Motors held an all-new Rexton launch event with a showcase for Lim Young-woong’s new song. Ticketing for the showcase panel on the music platform ‘Melon’ was sold out in 1 minute, predicting a big hit.

The fateful day is November 4, 2020. Lim Young- woong went on stage wearing a black suit to announce the new song ‘ Hero ‘ completed through collaboration with Ssangyong Motor .

He also showed that winning was destiny. He showed off his versatile charm with his unwavering live performance and outstanding choreography skills.

On YouTube, 31,000 people logged on simultaneously, proving the Lim Young-woong effect. On the same day, the hero music video uploaded to Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel exceeded 2 million views in 3 days.

What is the number of views as of May 18 this year? It is 29.9 million times, just before 30 million times.

The all-new Rexton, which appeared with the hero, also benefited from direct and indirect publicity by Lim Young-woong fans.

It also reaped the achievement of signing a contract for 3800 units in the pre-contract alone. It was a rare achievement for Ssangyong Motor until Torres, who played the role of a brand hero, came out last year.

Overcoming the ‘torture of hope’, Winged Lim Young-woong and Ssangyong Motor

Ssangyong Motor, All-New Rexton, and Lim Young-woong supported each other. Is it because of co-existence? They have a lot in common.

Lim Young-woong had a difficult time because he could not meet the time despite his outstanding singing skills. He even sold his baked sweet potatoes because he couldn’t pay his rent. Along with IU, he is considered a star who went from a dirt spoon to a golden spoon.

He doesn’t have the ability, and he doesn’t know if he didn’t expect it for the first time, but if he has the ability and the long-awaited opportunity is destroyed, the pain increases. The scariest torture in the world is the ‘Hope Torture’.

Lim Young-woong was like that too. He made his debut through the National Song Contest, which could be loved by the entire nation, but he could not escape from obscurity.

He was resurrected through the TV program ‘Morning Yard’, but his popularity was very lacking compared to his ability. He finally emerged as a blue chip in the entertainment and commercial world through Mr. Trot.

Ssangyong Motor, which strengthened its position as a ‘domestic SUV ‘ with the Korando, also suffered the most trials among domestic car brands. Expectations and disappointments were repeated, and I suffered a lot.

In 1998, during the IMF financial crisis, it was passed on to the Daewoo Group, and after the Daewoo Group was disbanded, the hardships began again. I wondered if the pain was over after being taken over by Shanghai Motors in China, but it was difficult to normalize, such as controversy over technology leakage and labor-management conflicts in the process of restructuring.

I also met a tiger while trying to avoid a fox. The pain began again when Mahindra, the new owner, announced that he would shake hands again nine and a half years after acquiring Ssangyong Motor for 522.5 billion won in November 2010. Even after that, ‘Whale Swallowed Shrimp’ Edison Motors came forward to become the new owner, but it was only ‘Hope Torture’.

SsangYong Motor met a ‘hero’ by chance during a difficult time and became each other’s strength and destiny. With the ‘Lim Young-woong car’ Rexton, I had hope again, and with the Torres, I showed my skills that ‘Ssangyong Motor can do it’.Ssangyong Motor changed its name to KG Mobility after welcoming KG Group as its new owner a year ago. KG Mobility is resurrecting as a ‘special SUV ‘. ‘ F100’ , the follow-up to Lim Young-woong’s car , and ‘ KR10′, the follow-up to Korando, are preparing to take over Torres’ ‘awesome baton’. I have one more wish. Like Lim Young-woong, who became the ‘King of Singer’ by digesting various genres with his own color beyond trot, KG Mobility is expected to overcome the SUV limit. SsangYong Motor has already shown potential beyond SUVs with its flagship sedan, the Chairman, as well as the winged open car (convertible) concept car ‘ CCR-1’, which is 20 years ahead of Tesla.


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