Is Cy Young Young pitcher a thing of the past? 7 runs in 6 innings on the Japanese stage → 7 runs in 2 innings, the worst streak

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 Trevor Bauer (Yokohama), a former Cy Young Award winner, had the worst result in his third start after entering the Japanese professional baseball stage.

Bauer started on the 16th in the 2023 토토사이트Japan Professional Baseball Hiroshima Toyo Carp home game held at Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

He didn’t even use his fastball at 153 km/h. He gave up four runs, including a two-run home run in the first inning alone. 3 more runs in the 2nd inning. Japanese media ‘Sankei Sports’ said, “Bauer is the second consecutive loss since the last match against Yomiuri, where he gave up 7 runs in 6 innings.”

Suspended for more than a year and a half for sexual assault, he was eventually released from the Los Angeles Dodgers, a major league club, in December of last year. After that, he found his new way by signing with Yokohama, a Japanese professional baseball team.

His last 3 days made his Japanese debut. His opponent was Hiroshima, who defeated him that day. At that time, Bauer became the winning pitcher with 7 innings and 1 run.

However, since then, Bauer has been conceding massive runs in two consecutive games. Against Yomiuri on the 9th, he was battered with 11 hits (3 home runs) and 7 runs in 6 innings. And he met Hiroshima for the second time on the 16th and was beaten by 7 runs in 2 innings. 

Head pitching coach Takashi Saito said after the game, “(Bauer) said, ‘I wish I could organize my thoughts one more time about how to make an out.’

Bauer is a 2019 American League All-Star and a 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner while in the major leagues. He was forced to leave his major league career in an unfortunate incident. Expectations were high that he would be able to demonstrate his skills on the Japanese stage, but even the appearance of a pitcher on the mound was disappointing.


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