India’s worst train crash “kills more than 1,100 people”…”No South Koreans injured so far”

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The train is a jumbled mess of off-route cars.

Some carriages were crumpled like paper.

The derailment and subsequent crash of a passenger train occurred around 7 p.m. local time on July 2, 200 kilometers from the state capital of Odisha.

Local Indian media reported that a passenger train derailed and some of the carriages that broke away collided with another oncoming passenger train, with the aftermath also affecting a stopped freight train토토사이트.

▶ Interview: passenger on the crashed train

  • “At the time of the accident, 10 to 15 passengers fell on me and everything was chaotic. I was at the bottom of the pile.”

The accident reportedly killed nearly 300 passengers and injured more than 900.

The number of casualties is likely to rise as rescue and search operations are ongoing.

Interview: Jenna / Chief Secretary to the Governor of Odisha, India

  • “Currently, about 900 passengers are injured and are being treated at various hospitals in the vicinity, including the accident site.”

According to the Korean Embassy in Odisha, there are no foreigners, including South Koreans, among the casualties so far.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been briefed on the accident and said all possible assistance is being provided to the victims.

This is MBN News’ Jung Sang-soo.


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