‘Incheon counterintelligence’ already twice… LG’s Chan-gyu Lim solidifies ‘Bi-ryong nemesis’

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Reporter Jang Hyun-koo = LG Twins right-handed pitcher Im Chan-kyu (30) has led the ‘Incheon Great War’ twice this year, solidifying his position as the SSG Landers’ nemesis.

Lim started the visiting SSG team’s game at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Nov. 27 and pitched a near-perfect game, allowing just one hit over six innings to lead his team to a 14-0 victory.

He gave up four walks, but none of them were earned.

With the victory in hand, LG pounded out 18 hits, including three home runs, to carpet bomb the SSG mound.

Chan-kyu Lim celebrates
(Incheon=Yonhap) By Shin Jun-hee Reporter = SSG and LG played a baseball game at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Sunday.
LG starting pitcher Lim Chan-kyu takes off his hat to celebrate after grounding out SSG’s Kim Min-sik with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. 2023.6.27 hama@yna.co.kr

Uncharacteristically for a team battling for the lead with LG, SSG’s offense was one-sided. This is the second time they’ve been swept by LG at home this season.안전놀이터

SSG was also swept by LG on May 23 with a score of 1-9. Both losses came from the starting duo of Oh Won-seok (SSG) and Lim Chan-kyu (LG).

Oh Won-seok, who was the key to both wins and losses, was roughed up both times, while Lim Chan-kyu pitched six innings of three-hit ball in the first Incheon game.

The only run he gave up was a solo home run to Choi Ju-hwan.

LG fans, who hadn’t seen a win over SSG in Incheon in a long time, have already gotten two thanks to Im Chan-kyu.

In both games, Lim held the SSG bats to four hits over 12 innings. His batting average against SSG is 0.098 and his ERA is 0.75.

A smiling Lim Chan-kyu
(Incheon=Yonhap) By Shin Jun-hee Reporter = SSG and LG play a baseball game at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Sunday.
LG starting pitcher Lim Chan-kyu smiles after getting out of a jam in the fourth inning. 2023.6.27 hama@yna.co.kr

Despite the fact that Lim’s pitching patterns were virtually identical, SSG batters were unable to find a groove.

According to baseball stats site Statiz, Lim used a nearly identical mix of four pitches – a fastball, curveball, changeup, and slider – in both games of the Incheon Counterattack.

Depending on the opponent, Lim kept his changeup in the low 30s against SSG and mixed in a mid-40s fastball in the mid-140s mph.

His long curveball was thrown at a rate of 19 to 20 percent to dazzle batters.

The curveball, which was ordered by LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop, was more powerful because it was unwavering.

His evolved fastball and changeup, which maintains a consistent trajectory from the moment it leaves his hand to the moment he releases it, has been confusing hitters all season.

The egos of SSG’s batters were also dented by being swept twice by almost identical pitch mixes.

With nothing to add to his arsenal, it will be interesting to see if SSG’s batters can find a way to capitalize against the same dumpster fire.


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