“I’m sorry” Director Kim Do-gyun’s special ‘apology’ in the age of barmak

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 It is the ‘age of barmack’.

The promotion and relegation system was introduced in the K-League, and survival became a reality. Of course, the outcome of a match is bound to be mixed. Fans’ anxiety also grew. If the sluggishness continues, I go out myself. A representative action is ‘Bomak’, blocking the bus. Angry fans block the bus the players are on and call the head coach to stop them. It’s a sight you can easily see at the stadium this season. ‘Why can’t you do this only’ is a sign of protest, and at the same time, it is also a request to ‘do better’. The director also understands the hearts of the fans, but collective action is inevitably burdensome. After ‘Bomak’, two directors have already stepped down.

In this situation, Suwon FC coach Kim Do-kyun’s move is exceptional. Suwon FC suffered a 0-5 loss in the 13th round home game against Jeju United held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 14th. This is the first time he has conceded five goals since taking over as manager Kim. At the end of the second half, it completely collapsed due to very lethargic performance. It was a humiliating defeat. At the official press conference, coach Kim bowed his head, saying, “It is a very sorry and shameful result as a manager 토토사이트to lose such a result in a field where the home game supporters cheered hard. Such responsibility lies with the manager.”

Supporters gathered in front of the office after the game. It wasn’t to protest. Here’s the story. After the game, manager Kim requested that fans be called to the office through the club. It was to convey the meaning of apology directly. At first, I was thinking of calling all the fans who were in the variable seats. However, the lights were already out, and most of them were scattered. I was connected to the supporters ‘Real Crew’ who were going to have a meeting nearby. The supporters soon turned around.

Coach Kim faced the supporters directly and apologized directly. He said, “I’m sorry. You cheered hard at the home stadium, but I have no face. For any reason, there is nothing to say about today’s defeat. I will try to improve in the next game. Thank you for your support.” Supporters also opened their hearts to coach Kim’s sincerity. The supporters responded to coach Kim, who kept lowering his head, saying, “It’s okay,” “You don’t have to be sorry,” “We only trust the coach,” and “Please continue to play good football.” Director Kim was finally able to put down his heavy heart a little. It was a heartwarming ending.

Director Kim is a fan-friendly director. The reason he prefers attack soccer is also for the fans. As a habit, he said, “I felt sorry for the K-League since my days as a savage. In the end, what the fans want is offensive football. To him, the complete defeat in Jeju was a shock. Director Kim was more upset than anyone else at the lethargic result, but he was the first to find fans. He pledged, “I was angry with myself for not being able to play only this kind of game to the people who came to support me, and I was so sorry. As much as the fans understood, I will try to repay them with better football.”


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