I’m on the verge of escaping last… , Suarez, limping and grating…Left leg pain sudden replacement after 3 batters against LG “Hospital examination scheduled”, Ryu Ji-hyuk also replaced pain after defense

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 Samsung Lions foreign pitcher Albert Suarez was replaced after just three batters.

During the game, he suddenly withdrew from the mound due to pain in his left leg.

Suarez made his 19th start of the season in the 12th game of the season against LG held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 6th.

Top hitter Hong Chang-ki allowed a heavy hit after a 9-pitch full count match. However, Moon Seong-joo, who was number 2, induced a double hit on the shortstop side with a slider after two pitches. He threw a changeup on the 4th pitch to Kim Hyun-soo in the 3rd, and allowed a right-handed hit that escaped the side of the first baseman.안전놀이터

A problem arose in this process.

I felt pain in my left leg in the process of instinctively turning my body for base cover after hitting a grounder on the first base side.

Trainer, interpreter, pitching coach, and catcher Kang Min-ho gathered on the mound. I checked the status for about 3 minutes. Suarez tried to keep throwing somehow, trying his leg. However, the replacement was made under the judgment that the situation was not unreasonable.

Even when Suarez came off the mound, he walked very slowly and returned to the bench, as if uncomfortable.

Samsung said, “I replaced it with pain in my left shin. I’m going to undergo a detailed examination, such as an MRI, at the SM Radiology Department.”

In the bullpen, right-hander Lee Seung-hyun hurriedly warmed up and took the mound, ending the inning with a walk and a ground ball. Suarez allowed 2 hits and no runs in ⅔ innings.

To make matters worse, first baseman Ryu Ji-hyeok, who had recently wielded a fire bat, was also replaced by Kim Tae-hoon in the first at-bat due to an injury during defense. When Oh Ji-hwan grounded toward second base in the second out, first and second base, he slipped while trying to return to first base. In the process, he felt pain in his left thigh.

Samsung explained, “During the defense process, I had muscle tension on the side of my left thigh, so I replaced it with a player protection car. There are no plans for a hospital checkup.”

In the bullpen, right-hander Lee Seung-hyun hurriedly warmed up and took the mound.

The Lions started a full-fledged rebound with 8 wins and 5 losses in the second half. With the return of Baek Jung-hyun, the starting rotation was complete, and only a week later, Suarez’s injury was the bad news. I just hope it’s not a serious long-term injury.


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