“If this happens, Samsung Electronics and Hynix will become sparks”… the reason for the warning

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Concerns are growing that Korean semiconductor companies will be negatively affected as the conflict between the US and China intensifies due to China’s sanctions on US semiconductor company Micron. A typical example is the prospect that uncertainty in the Chinese business will increase as the US semiconductor regulations are further strengthened. As China starts to nurture its 토토사이트own semiconductor companies, there are also observations that Korean companies’ share in the Chinese market will decrease.

According to foreign media on the 22nd, the Internet Security Appeals Office ( CAC ) under China’s National Internet Information Office announced the previous day that “there are relatively serious security problems with Micron products,” and that “operators of critical information facilities should stop purchasing Micron products.” The industry sees China’s action as a retaliatory measure against the U.S. sanctions on equipment exports to China. The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement in response, saying it “resolutely opposes restrictions that have no basis in fact.” In fiscal year 2022 (September 2021 to August 2022

) , Micron achieved sales of $4.976 billion (approximately KRW 6.6 trillion) in China (including Hong Kong). It is 16.2% of Micron’s total sales ($30.7 billion).

Some are raising the possibility that Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix will increase supply according to Micron sanctions and enjoy ‘reflection profits’. However, it is evaluated as not very likely. This is largely due to the fact that the US requested the Korean government last month that “even if Micron’s sales to China are banned, Korean companies should not make up for the shortfall.”

In the semiconductor industry, there are high voices of concern about escalating uncertainty due to the escalating conflict between the US and China. An official from the semiconductor industry said, “If the US tightens regulations on the Chinese semiconductor industry in the wake of the Micron incident, Korean companies will also be negatively affected.” It is analyzed that there is a possibility that Chinese semiconductor companies such as YMTC and CXMT

will fill Micron’s vacancy . It is expected that China will accelerate its efforts to increase its market share by strengthening the competitiveness of its semiconductor companies. An industry official said, “ YMTC ‘s NAND flash competitiveness has risen to a fairly high level, and CXMT , which manufactures DRAM, is also strengthening its technology.” It can be,” he foresaw.


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