“If this continues, both you and the team will lose” LG Sang-young Lee’s entry is canceled, and the new 5th starter is Jeong-yong Lee

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Left-hander Lee Sang-young (23), who was expected to be a new토토사이트 selection candidate for LG, was excluded from the first team entry. The control, restraint, and pitch were all below the level. Going into a readjustment in the Futures League. Lee Jeong-yong (27), who used to play as a long man, is newly added to the starting lineup.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop met with reporters prior to the Changwon NC game on the 21st and said, “(Lee) Sang-young has to practice again at Futures.” said he did

Lee Sang-young started the NC match the day before, but came down to 1 company in the 2nd inning due to hunting for the ninth ball. There were more balls (26) than strikes (20). The highest fastball speed limit was only 139**.

Director Yeom said, “After the first episode, I made up my mind. He felt that continuing to give selection opportunities would not be of any help to Sang-yeong or the team.”

LG is fighting for the lead in the league with SSG, but the starting lineup is still poor. With the exception of Lim Chan-kyu, there is still no other pitcher in Korea who can give confidence. Director Yeom said, “In the first half, the selection must be established. If this continues, winning streaks will be difficult even in the second half, and the team will be shaken. Even if we enter the postseason, we have no vision.”

Lee Jeong-yong enters the rotation. He will start against Jamsil Lotte on the 25th. He plans to start with 50 pitches and gradually increase the number of pitches.

Manager Yeom said, “While watching the game, I kept thinking about whether to use (Lee) Jeong-yong or (Yu) Yeong-chan as the new 5th starting candidate. That was the reason I dragged Yeongchan a little longer.” The previous day, Yoo Young-chan took the mound in the bottom of the 5th inning and threw 2.2 innings.

Coach Yeom, who had been thinking about it, decided on Lee Jeong-yong after a meeting with the coaches. In the case of Yoo Young-chan, the problem was that he played only 20 innings for the Futures last season. He judged that the burden would be too great if he excessively increased the number of innings while circling the starting rotation for the rest of the season.

Director Yeom interviewed Lee Jeong-yong and received consent to change the selection. Director Yeom said that Lee Jung-yong also accepted it, saying that going to the starting lineup would help change the atmosphere when his performance this season was not so good.


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