If that’s the case, why did you trade… LAA’s worst choice to lose everything from present + future + Ohtani?

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“Being a Los Angeles Angels fan is truly miserable.”

Criticism for the Angels’ move continues. This is because a large-scale waiver announcement was made for key players recruited through trade to reduce the luxury tax.

On the 30th (Korean time), the Angels announced waivers for starting pitcher Lucas Giolito, bullpen pitchers Matt Moore, Reinaldo Lopez, and outfielders Hunter Ranfro and Randall Grichick. Ohtani’s elbow ligament damage and main gun Mike Trout’s continued injury made it difficult to operate a normal lineup, so the white flag was virtually lifted.

29 teams, excluding the Angels, can easily recruit them on the condition that they only pay salaries for the rest of the season. It is rumored that some teams that are actually competing fiercely in the postseason are aiming to recruit them. All veterans have their own charm. Lopez hit 14 holds this year, Renfro hit 18 homers this season, Giolito won 60 times in his career, and Grichick recorded a career slugging percentage of 0.464, continuing his performance.

Fans were shocked after the announcement of the Angels’ massive waiver announcement. This is because the team’s present and future and even superstar Shohei Ohtani will all be lost.

First, the Angels lost the present. It is not known whether the players announced on the waiver will transfer, but if these players are omitted, power loss will occur immediately. Second, I lost my future. The Angels gave away many prospect cards as they worked hard to reinforce their power ahead of the trade deadline on the 2nd.

Giolito and Lopez were acquired from the Chicago White Sox, and they gave up catcher Edgar Quero, who was the team’s second-choice prospect at the time, and left-hander Kyle Busch, who was the third-choice prospect. Even after that, the storm trade continued. They brought in CJ Kron and Grichick from the Colorado Rockies, and paid for 8th-pick left-hander Mason Albright and 28th-pick right-hander Jake Madden.

The Angels strengthened their power by sending four of the top 30 prospects in the team, and showed a willingness to advance to the postseason, but did not perform as well as expected. Rather, the Angels have only won eight of the 26 games they’ve played since the trade deadline. This season’s record is 64 wins and 70 losses, and the difference between the wild card 3rd place (Texas Rangers/ 75 wins and 58 losses), which is the final line for advancing into the postseason, is widened to ‘11.5’, and the red light is on.메이저놀이터

In the end, even Ohtani was lost. Ohtani gets free agent (FA) status after this season. He is free to negotiate with all of the other 29 teams, not just the Angels.

Ohtani wanted a team that could consistently “win (win).” After joining the Angels in 2018, his aspirations, which had never been on the postseason stage, seemed to boil. In fact, this year, the team is in a situation where fall baseball has passed, and it is preparing to send out a large number of key players. He emptied the total amount of the team’s annual salary and started moving toward reinforcement of off-season power, but it is unclear whether he will be able to change Ohtani’s mind.

A fan who supports the Angels left a bitter voice on the management plan of the club, writing on personal SNS, “It is really miserable to be an Angels fan.” This article is currently receiving more than 6,000 hearts (likes), leading to sympathy from many Angels fans.

The Angels have already lost their present and future, and even Ohtani, their last remaining hope, has to leave. What kind of consequences will this choice of a team in the process of reorganization bring to the future team?


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