I emphasized ‘KC safety certification’… Electric kickboard ‘Pung’ at the entrance

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Accidents in which electric scooter batteries explode like bombs continue to occur. This time, a product that received ‘KC safety certification’ exploded. It is pointed out that such an explosion accident can lead to death beyond injury, so the certification process must be strengthened.

Reporter Choi Jae-won covered the story.


This is an electric kickboard explosion experiment.

Smoke begins to rise, and in an instant, it explodes like a bomb.

When it catches fire, a ‘thermal runaway phenomenon’ occurs that emits high heat enough to melt the body.

Even if you use a fire extinguisher, the fire will come back to life and cause a chain explosion.

This accident occurred at a villa in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon on the morning of the 12th.

A kickboard in the front door exploded, scorching the door and walls as if from a bomb, and melting shoes and sticking to the floor.

[Electric kickboard explosion victim: A sound like a pressure cooker ‘crackling’ just got really loud, and in an instant, it just sparked and smoke exploded, and I could see it from this side.] The house was in a mess토토사이트, so I had to go to and from accommodation while restoring

, Burns must also be treated.

The victim says he bought it after seeing an advertisement saying it was safe 10 months ago, and it wasn’t even charging at the time of the explosion.

[Electric kickboard explosion victim: I bought it after seeing the safety of the battery overheating or something like this… It’s a situation where you don’t know what would have happened if an explosion accident occurred while driving.]

The seller advertises that it used a battery made in China, but it went through safety tests to prevent fire or explosion hazards.

In particular, it is emphasized that it has received ‘KC safety certification’.

Experts point out that this certification standard must be strengthened before it leads to a bigger accident.

[Na Yong-un/National Fire Research Institute Researcher: Even though it is a product that has passed certification, the fire is still burning. Doesn’t a strong authentication process need to be done?]

[Kang Gyeong-seok/Guri Fire Station Fire Investigator: (Electric kickboards) have few safety devices in terms of impact or heat. I think it will be possible to prevent fires by strengthening compulsory certifications.] It

is also a problem that it is only up to the consumer to find out what the cause is when an accident occurs.

[Electric kickboard explosion victim: (At the company) I need documents issued by the National Forensic Service. I’ll take it and tell you… ]

[Na Yong-un/Researcher, National Fire Research Institute: Battery fires burn rapidly, and evidence must remain to determine the cause of the fire, but it is difficult to analyze such a situation.] There were 115 electric kickboard fire accidents last year alone

. , one person was killed and 11 injured.


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