I can’t sleep in the farmhouse anymore?…Weekend farming family boogers

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The law prohibits sleeping in a farmhouse at night or using it as a vacation home or cottage. Farmhouses are temporary structures originally used to store farm equipment or crops, or to take a break from farming.

Until now, despite the area restriction of ’20㎡ or less’ and the fact토토사이트 that it is not for residential purposes, there have been many cases of farmhouses being used as second homes and damaging farmland through illegal extensions.

In fact, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs conducted its own joint inspection and found that 51% of the 252 farmhouses inspected had been illegally expanded for residential use or were being illegally utilized as gardens and parking lots.

According to the amendment, farmhouses will now be judged as residences if they are notified of moving into a farmhouse, or if they are used for sleeping, staying overnight, or utilizing leisure facilities without farming, outside of ‘temporary breaks’ during farm work.

In addition, rest areas where you can take off your shoes are limited to no more than 25% of the farmland area. If the farmland is smaller than 660㎡ (about 200 pyeong), the resting area within the farmhouse is a maximum of 1.75㎡, which is about the size of one public restroom.

In addition, the Act stipulates that farmhouses be declared as temporary buildings under the Building Code, which can be restored to farmland, so that violations such as illegal extensions can be checked every three years.

If the Farmland Act is revised, a “farmhouse” will literally mean that only a minimal amount of space for “farm storage” or “temporary rest” will be allowed.

The government’s decision to tighten regulations on farmhouses comes amid growing criticism that many farmhouses are being used for speculation or as vacation homes, following allegations of land speculation by some public officials in 2021.

However, there are concerns that the ban on sleeping at night will affect not only weekend farmers, but also full-time farmers whose rice fields are far from residential areas.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MOLFA) has issued a legislative notice for the implementation rules of the Agricultural Land Act from the 12th of last month to the 21st of this month.

The area restriction regulation will not be applied retroactively to existing farmsteads, but the ban on nighttime sleeping will take effect as soon as the enforcement rule is revised.


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