Hyun Bin’s “messed up” place… ‘7200 won toll’ as tourists flock to it

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A Swiss lake town where the Korean drama “Crash Course in Love” was filmed has been overwhelmed by tourists, leading to tolls토토사이트.

The small lake town of Iseltwald, population 400, where the drama “Love Crash Landing” was filmed, has been overwhelmed by tourists and residents have started charging tolls, AFP reported on Sept. 9 (local time).

Vietnamese tourists take a photo in Iseltwald, Switzerland. EPA

A scene from the drama “Love Crash Landing. Photo tvN

The drama, which aired from 2019 to 2020, centered on the romance between a second-generation South Korean chaebol and a North Korean military officer. It became a huge hit on Netflix, not only in South Korea but across Asia, including Japan.

Iseltwald was the backdrop for a scene in the drama where North Korean military officer Ri Jeong-hyeok plays the piano in memory of his brother while studying in Switzerland, and Yoon Se-ri, a second-generation chaebol, happens to hear him playing.

Since last year, the number of tourists visiting the filming location has increased as travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have been gradually eased, and the pier by the lake, where Ri’s piano was placed, has become a must-see spot for tourists to take photos.

A turnstile collecting the 5 Swiss franc entrance fee.
“The number of tourists has exploded,” said Titia Weiland, an employee at the local tourism office, who estimates that there are 1,000 tourists per resident.

“Almost everyone in Iseltwald is happy to see more tourists, but it’s also overwhelming,” she said. “Everyone in Iseltwald is happy to see more tourists, but it’s also a challenge,” he said. Some residents have complained that fans of “Love Crash Landing” make a mess by taking photos on the pier, but pay very little.

Because of this, the local government announced last month that it would introduce a reservation system for the parking lot, allowing only buses with reservations to enter. It also installed a turnstile at the lakeside pier, requiring a 5 Swiss franc (7200 won) fee to enter the pier.

“Iseltwald is a paradise on earth and we want to keep it that way,” Weiland said, noting that the number of people walking on the pier has skyrocketed and the city needs to collect money to maintain it.

Florita Lichtensteiger, 64, a Filipina living in Switzerland, paid to let her relatives in, but not herself. “Five Swiss francs,” she said, expressing disappointment at the charge.


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