Hyeon Jeong, who went on a fast after 2 years, “Fight the trauma… the meaning of returning”

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 Returning to the court with a singles match after 2 years and 7 months, Jeong-hyeon (27) confessed about fighting trauma.

Jung Hyun lost 0-2 (2-6 4-6) against Jordan Thompson (Australia, 91st) in the men’s professional tennis (ATP) Seoul Open Challenger singles first round held at the Olympic Park tennis court in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 26th. Failed to advance to the river.

After the game, Jeong Hyeon, with a relieved expression, said, “I did not feel any pain after choosing to come back this time. I fought myself to overcome the trauma. It took a long time, but I think coming back has a lot of meaning.”

He continued, “I was afraid of what if I got sick again토토사이트. Tennis is too strenuous. You might play for several hours. You have to move vigorously. With each movement, I thought in my head, ‘If I move like this, my back will hurt’, ‘If I hit this ball, it will hurt’. I thought, “It wasn’t once or twice that I was scared.”

Jeong Hyeon played a singles match in about 2 years and 7 months. His final singles match is a qualifier for the French Open in September 2020. Jeong Hyeon passed the first round of the preliminary round, but was defeated in the second round and did not advance to the main round.

Since then, Jung Hyeon has not been able to show off his skills due to a chronic back injury.

Jeong-hyeon, who escaped from a back injury and competed in doubles at the ATP Tour Seoul Open in September and October of last year, advanced to the semifinals in harmony with Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall). However, his singles appearance was canceled due to a recurrence of back pain.

Jeong-hyeon, who tried to return to singles this time, was still wary of injury.

Jeong Hyeon said, “I’ve been injured for the past few years. This is not the first time I’ve come back. I’ve tried to come back several times. This time, I’ve been able to rehabilitate well, so I’m going to play singles.” If you wake up and feel good, I think you are at the starting line once again.”

He also explained the change in posture.

Jeong Hyeon said, “I had a bad back when I served or hit backhand. I changed my posture so that I could feel the least pain in my back.”

He also tried to change his mood to overcome the trauma. He said, “I tried to find an action that would make me feel better every day. If I could feel better with a small action and get rid of psychological pressure, I continued with that action.” I like it. That’s why I started my day like that today.”

He was grateful for playing all the games in his long-awaited comeback.

Jung Hyun said, “I entered the court half worried and half thrilled. I think the side I was worried about on the court was more revealed.” Everything was good,” he said.

He cited lack of practical sense as the reason for his defeat.

He said, “I played doubles once on last year’s tour, but it’s been a long time since I played singles. No matter how much practice matches are played, it doesn’t feel like a real match.” .

“The most regrettable thing is that there was no real sense of the game, so the opening was too big in the beginning of the first set. There, we couldn’t solve the game as we wanted,” he said.

Chung Hyeon was pulled 0-4 by Thompson in the first set. She caught up to 2-5, but Jung-hyeon couldn’t change her mood in the end and gave the first set at 2-6.

Regarding the current state, Jung Hyeon evaluated himself, “Compared to a few years ago, I can’t say it’s 100% the same as then. Still, I think it’s close to 80-90%.”

Also, “I got goose bumps when I heard the cheering. I’m not kidding. It really came to my head. Even though I lost the game, it was a good day.”

Regarding the future schedule, he expressed his desire to participate in the ATP Busan Open Challenger held from the 7th to the 14th of next month. However, Jeong-hyeon, who has no ranking, can participate in the tournament only after receiving a wild card (WC). She competed in this tournament as well, receiving a WC.

Jung Hyun said, “I’m thinking about playing in Busan (Open Challenger). I haven’t been given a definite answer (whether or not WC). “he said.

However, he judged it unreasonable to participate in the ATP Gwangju Open Challenger held from the 30th of this month to the 7th of next month. He said, “I don’t have the confidence to go back and push the schedule for 3 weeks in a row,” he said.

This singles return match was held after twists and turns. The match was originally scheduled for the 24th, but it was changed to the 25th as Thompson, a singles opponent, complained of allergy symptoms and requested a postponement of the match to the ATP, and was postponed for another day due to rain.


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