He said ‘long-legged man’… There Are More Victims of ‘Sexual Assault’ Pastors

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There is a center that helps young people leaving childcare facilities to become self-reliant.

By the way, the pastor who runs this place was arrested and handed over to the prosecution.

There were also testimonies that there were more victims who were accused of committing so-called ‘grooming’ sex crimes against four teenagers.

This is reporter Won Dong-hee’s report.


It was in 2019 that Pastor Mo Ahn created the End of Protection Children’s Center.

It was operated with donations, and nearly 200 young people passed through it.

The young men who had no way forward called Ahn their father and followed him.

[Mr. A/Victim: “I was able to call (my father) with my mouth, and that’s why I was just overwhelmed…”]

I was happy that I had a family, but soon after, Mr. Ahn’s dirty talk began.

[Pastor Ahn: “I wanted to (have sex) with OO

.”] Sexual contact has also become a daily routine토토사이트.

[Mr. B/Victim: “The act of hitting someone’s butt and pressing his leg between ours…” I

thought it was strange, but he said it wasn’t easy to reject Mr. Ahn, who followed him as his father.

It has become a state of psychological dominance, so-called ‘grooming’.

[Mr. B/Victim: “

When it was confirmed that he could not resist, Ahn’s sexual violence began in earnest.

[Mr. A/Victim: “When I woke up, the body was already naked, and the crime had already been committed…”] The

police who filed the complaint launched an investigation, and four victims were identified.

However, they confessed that there are more victims hidden in KBS .

[Pastor Ahn: “You have to take it off. You have to take it off.”] About

10 women attended the drinking party held by Mr. Ahn every night, and they witnessed that some of them became victims of sexual violence.

[Mr. A/Victim: “You drank together and left me and her sister (an additional victim)… Watch the situation where (sexual violence) is happening.

” It seems that there is also a special environment.

[Mr. A/Victim: “I couldn’t escape. The gaslighting was so severe.”]

[Mr. B/Victim: “I hope you don’t struggle and have courage…”]

Mr. Ahn today (19th) He was arrested and handed over to the prosecution on charges of quasi-rape and forced indecent assault.

This is Won Dong-hee from KBS News.


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