‘Half-bone’ Kyu-Sung Cho convinced Denmark move was right…Mittwillan “watched for a year”

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South Korean striker Cho Kyu-sung has entered the European stage.

Danish side Midtjylland announced on the club’s website on Nov. 11 (KST) that they have signed Cho Kyu-sung to a five-year contract.

“I’ve been looking for a chance to play in Europe for a while, and I decided this was the right time,” said Cho, who looked confident in a Mittwillan jersey. I’m confident that I made the right choice to move to Mittwilan.”

Cho established himself as a striker to watch in Europe at last year’s World Cup in Qatar. Adding two World Cup goals to his title as the top scorer in the K League, his value jumped considerably. In the winter transfer window, he received offers from big-name teams, including Mainz in the German Bundesliga.토토사이트

While the public may have been a little less satisfied with his European destination in the meantime, Cho said, “I have no regrets about my choice. I have a half-bone temperament, so I’m a style that goes in the direction I choose. No matter what I choose, I don’t regret it,” revealing that he made the decision to go to Meatwillan himself.

At Mittwilan, there was a strong desire for organization. “We’ve been watching him for over a year,” says head coach Sven Graversen. After the World Cup, several clubs were interested in him. “He uses his physicality to get into good positions. At the same time, he plays well with his back to goal and utilizes space.”

Cho Kyu-sung bids farewell to Jeonbuk Hyundai ⓒKorea Professional Football Association

Cho Kyu-sung’s threatening header ⓒKyun Hye-mi Reporter

Teaser photo of Cho Kyu-sung just before the announcement of his signing: “Fluttering flag

Graversen said, “Cho Kyu-sung is the perfect striker. A finisher with both head and leg skills.” Mittwylan is happy to be a stepping stone for him as he sets his sights higher: “We share the same ambition. He wants to prove himself in Europe, and we want to get into the top 50. We will work together to accomplish this.”

Looking ahead to the new season in Denmark, Cho says, “I’ve been playing English since the winter transfer window closed. I don’t speak it very well, but I can communicate with foreign players. I need to learn more. If I can’t, I can use my body language,” he said, showing his determination to challenge Europe.


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