Growing together with Woori Card Kyungbok Na “I’ve matured a little in the past 5 years”

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Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card won the match against OK Financial Group on the 8th (set score 3-0) and obtained 53 points, securing 4th place regardless of the results of the remaining two matches. It is a success in advancing to the postseason (PS) for the last 5 consecutive seasons.  

Since its foundation in 2008, Woori Card has never played토토사이트 ‘Spring Volleyball’ until the 2017-18 season. However, in April 2018, after appointing coach Shin Young-chul, the ‘Volleyball Guru’, the organizational power became solid, and now it has the power to aim for the top every season. In the last 5 seasons, only 2 teams, Woori Card and Korean Air, have been in PS. 
The fact that Na Gyeong-bok (29, Woori Card) has grown enough to be recognized as the league’s representative striker (outside heater) is the strength that Woori Card has risen to become a strong team. 

After wearing a Woori Card uniform with the first overall pick in the 2015 rookie draft, Na Gyeong-bok stepped on an elite course and established himself as the team ace. In the 2019-20 season, which led Woori Card to first place in the regular league (25 wins, 7 losses, 69 points), he was also named the MVP. 

Na Gyeong-bok also did his part this season (2022-23) by putting his name in the league’s top 10 in major offensive categories such as scoring, attack success rate, back attack, and serve. At the beginning of the season, Leo Andrić led the team’s attack when he was injured and was playing without a foreign player, and on the 17th of last month, when he was on the verge of losing his 6th game in a row in about 2 years, he showed his clutch ability and led the team to victory. 

Coach Shin Young-cheol said after winning the match against OK Financial Group on the 5th, when he confirmed entering the PS, “It seems that communication between players and leaders has become closer than a few years ago, and an atmosphere that values ​​team play more than individual play has been created.”

Na Gyeong-bok also said, “I think I have the know-how to overcome tension in important games or points by experiencing spring volleyball (PS) four times in a row until last season. It seems that my concentration in the game has also improved.” Regarding his own growth, he said, “It’s similar to team performance. In the past, when my mentality was shaken, it lasted a long time. Now, even if I play badly, I recover quickly. Recently, I played passively because I was afraid of making mistakes. But in the end, I and (foreign player) baby I played boldly with the thought that Mez could only win if he played well. I think he has matured a little more than a few years ago,” he laughed. 

As of the 8th, Na Gyeong-bok kept the most points scored by a Korean player (567 points). He also broke the record for the most points scored in a single season in his career (previous 568 points). 

There is no greed. The goal is only to win the team. Na Kyung-bok said, “Honestly, I don’t dwell on a record like the first place in scoring by a domestic player. It’s an important time, so it’s important to finish the race without getting hurt.” Next, Na Kyung-bok said, “I want to stand at the top in spring volleyball. I have to win all the games. I will go out on the court with the confidence that I can do it.” 


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