Go Min-jung, NIS reporting guidelines for suspicion of involvement in Lee Dong-gwan in 2010 Disclosed…Han Deok-soo refused to answer

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Democratic Party Rep. Koh Min-jeong revealed a 2010 NIS document in the nature of a report guideline that allegedly involved Lee Dong-kwan, special adviser for foreign affairs at the Presidential Office, who is rumored to be the head of the Korea Communications Commission. Prime Minister Han Deok-soo refused to answer the question of Rep. Koh Min-jung, who asked if he had seen the document, saying that he had not given the key points of the question in advance according to the National Assembly Act.

In a government question on the 14th, Rep. Koh Min-jung said, “The press guidelines should never set foot in our society again, but we will show you the shameful document that revived the specter of the press guidelines.” It was introduced as a document prepared by the National Intelligence Service in 2010 under the title of “Configuration Status and Considerations.”

Rep. Koh Min-jung read the document and asked Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, “There is a concern about distorted and biased reporting due to herpes of left-leaning figures. Is MBC left-leaning?”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo replied, “Well, that’s something the people know very well, so I don’t think there’s any reason for me to specially mention it. It’s for the people and viewers to decide.” When Rep. Koh Min-jeong asked again토토사이트, “What about TV Chosun? SBS ? KBS ?”, he replied, “I don’t think it’s appropriate. How can everything be decided between left and right? We can classify it into fair and non-fair.”

Then, Rep. Koh Min-jeong pointed out, “The document clearly states the words ‘concerns about biased reporting due to herpes of left-leaning figures’. I even think it’s a revival of the McCarthyist witch hunt.”

Rep. Koh Min-jung continued reading the document and said, “As left-leaning reporters in the election planning team of broadcasting companies are concerned about overheating and corrupt elections, it is said to induce sound reporting by drawing attention to management and devising effective sanctions measures. What do you think? What is sound reporting?” ?”, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo said, “I didn’t want to say this. The content of the question that the lawmaker is asking is according to our National Assembly Act, the gist of it is conveyed to the Speaker of the National Assembly 48 hours in advance, and the Speaker of the National Assembly It is said to be delivered to. The document you are talking about has never been delivered to me before 48 hours.”

In response to Prime Minister Han’s answer, opposition lawmakers raised their voices and caused an uproar for a while, but Rep. Koh Min-jung continued to ask questions.

Rep. Koh said, “If you look at the bottom, there is also the word ‘Organization of a spontaneous election reporting monitoring group’. It seems that a plan to control the media was made using an outside group. “I don’t know why the Prime Minister as well as the lawmakers are so hot. It’s a document written by the National Intelligence Service in 2010. The reason why I’m shaking this document out will be understood if you listen to my questions to the end, “he continued asking the government. .

Rep. Koh asked, “If you look at the line below it, the word temptation is written, saying that if you suffer from the election planning team, you will be transferred to an overseas correspondent and desired department. To me, this looks like a temple. How do you like it?”

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo avoided an immediate answer, saying, “I will review and give you an answer to that problem in a week or two.” Rep. Koh Min-jeong said, “Then, please answer my question accurately. And isn’t the Prime Minister obliged to give an answer within the National Assembly within the specified time? I didn’t ask you to check the facts. Why can’t you answer?” pushed on. Prime Minister Han replied, “It’s not that I can’t, it’s because you’re asking a totally inappropriate question.”

Rep. Koh said, “There is a reason I have asked the Prime Minister so many details. If you look at the following data, this document related to this report inspection so far has been requested by the Public Relations Office in January 2010 ahead of the June 2 local elections. And at the end, if you look at it, the distribution center is the chief civil affairs chief, the chief public relations chief, and the secretary for planning and management,” he said. ” he raised.

Then, “As you will know from reading the contents, it is confirmed that there are requests for documents for inspections on media companies, blacklists, McCarthyistic witch hunts, and suppression of the press. Has the Prime Minister ever been reported to these types of documents?” asked

Prime Minister Han replied, “I don’t think there is any reason for me to answer. You are asking a very regrettable, very irrational, and very nonsensical question.”

Rep. Koh Min-jung said, “Why is this document a problem in 2010? It’s because the chief of public relations is Lee Dong-gwan, who is being hotly discussed right now.” Despite the fact that such documents suppressing the press are written in detail, I am rather curious about what is so much to hide while looking at the people’s power government and the ruling party now.” Rep. Goh also said ,

“What we have shown you is only a small part of it. It is much more explicit than that and contains a lot of content in it. ” They took them as the target of guidance, divided them into left-leaning and right-leaning, and branded reports criticizing the government as unhealthy, using the term “healthy reporting,” which was only seen during the dictatorship. He also added, “I’m moving right away.”

Rep. Koh Min-jeong said, “What would President Seok-Yeol Yoon say about this document I’m holding? The person next to the President who oppresses and stigmatizes the media and intervenes in elections, calling the evil spirits of the press guidelines to this document. It has been confirmed,” he said. “What would you say, Special Advisor Lee Dong-gwan? You said that you never requested this document and that you never received a report? I’ll wait. Ask the journalists for forgiveness.”

The video contains a scene in which Rep. Koh Min-jung discloses a document suspected of the NIS press guidelines, and Prime Minister Han Deok-soo argues against him for not sending the question points in advance, and the entire contents of the document are explained in detail.


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